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Chris Brown faked tears at Michael Jackson tribute?


Chris Brown infamously broke down during his tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards on June 27, but was it genuine, or all part of his act?

Chris Brown

We hear it could be the latter, as a backstage source claims that for Chris Brown’s Man in the Mirror performance, the singer’s bodyguards gave him tear-inducing eye drops.

Chris Brown’s reps deny the accusations, labeling them, “Completely untrue.” But, a reported eyewitness claims, “He rubbed it in and he started crying.”

The allegations come after BedRock singer Lloyd shared with his words of wisdom to Chris Brown on the night of the BET Awards show. “Man, you gotta get up there. You gotta cry. You gotta really show your heart to the world.”

After his statement prompted questions regarding the sincerity of Brown’s tears, Lloyd took to his blog to defend the singer. “I consider Chris a friend. He’s been through a lot in the past couple years. I never told him to go onstage and cry. We spoke recently, and I told him as a friend that people hadn’t really seen him be vulnerable about his situation last year. I thought he was holding back and needed to let that emotion out. Him crying at the BET Awards was real. I could feel it.”

So was Brown’s teary tribute to Michael Jackson all an act to win over the audience he lost after the Rihanna incident last year, or was it a result of pure emotion? What do you think?

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