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Madonna’s daughter blogs fashion line

Lourdes Leon — oldest daughter of Madonna — is blogging to promote her new fashion line Material Girl.

Madonna and LourdesTurns out 13-year-old Lourdes likes the color black, My Chemical Romance and the 80s — the decade that made her mom an icon — and hates gladiator sandals and brown things. Fascinating.

She writes:

“Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm…

I’m just going to use this blog entry to tell y’all a little bit about myself. I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in October, so I can’t wait for that because I am finally allowed to dye my hair… thank you mother!! My favvvv color is black (just because it goes with everything) and my least favorite color is brown (because it resembles the color of something quite gross).

I am totally obsessivo about 80s shorts… You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in. It’s kinda nerdy but I love it. And the 80s are another huge obsession of mine, which is totally amazingly awesome because Material Girl… hello! It’s like 80s themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah…

I’m in London right now and the best stores ever [are] here, I love the vintage stores down in Whitechapel, also a lot of hot guys hang there just in case y’all care. Music wise My Chemical Romance is the best band ever for realzzzz. They are so awesome it hurts. If you don’t know who they are just… go away OR download their songs.

…So, as you may know, Material Girl is coming out soon… holla! Holla! …Annnnnnd I am 4 realz excited for the opening which I will give you the exact dates for in my next blog entry, so stay tuned for more…

OK but no joke gladiator sandals are out. They came out in summer 2008 and I was like, ok those are really cute. Then 2009 comes around and people are still wearing them so I’m like, ok whatever it’s just a phase. But noooo. Because good old 2010 is now coming along and people are still wearing them, and then I was just like OK NO! It’s been three years people come on! I’m just like what?”

Material Girl, a fashion collaboration between Lola and her famous mom, is due to launch in August at a Macy’s near you. Make sure you’re not wearing gladiator sandals when you go.

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