The Bachelorette heads to Turkey

Jun 29, 2010 at 11:27 a.m. ET

With seven guys remaining on The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and the bachelors headed to Istanbul, Turkey for the latest elimination round filled with shocking revelations, olive oil and Turkish carpets.

Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky

Feeling the most confident she had all season, Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky's world was rocked when she learned Justin "Rated R" Rego had a girlfriend. Jessie from the previous Bachelor season called her with the bad news and put said girlfriend, Jessica, on the phone.

Jessica tearfully admitted she had been dating Justin for two years and his plan all along was to get in the top three so he could gain some fame and then return home to marry her. She also indicated he had another girlfriend besides her. Furious, Ali told Chris Harrison she wanted Justin gone.

Although not exactly forthcoming when confronted, Justin explained he had strong feelings for Jessica, but she was like his best friend. He did admit he went into this process with all his heart, but his investment waned over time. After Ali Fedotowsky yelled at him for a bit, he hobbled away as a recording of his many messages to Jessica, during his time on The Bachelorette, played over his exit scenes declaring how much he loved her and that he wanted to marry her.

Bachelorette: First one-on-one date

Ty was chosen for the first one-on-one date where Ali brought him to a bathhouse. After all the Justin drama, a day of getting rubbed down in the Turkish bath restored Ali's faith in men. Afterwards, the two headed out for a waterfront dinner, where Ali asked about Ty's divorce. A reformed traditionalist, Ty explained having a working wife threw him, but now that he's lived more and realized women could actually be CEOs of companies, he has changed his views on a few things. She wondered if he was ready to jump back in and he proclaimed that he loved being married and wanted to find his home with someone again. Even though she still had reservations, she appreciated his honesty and believed he was more ready for this experience. Ty ultimately received a rose.

Bachelorette: Group date

Embracing Turkish tradition, the group date found Chris, Roberto, Kirk and Craig oiling up and tussling with professional olive oil wrestlers for Ali's affections. In the end, the bachelors were forced to face off with each other. Craig ultimately won, earning him some coveted alone time with the bachelorette.

Ali and Craig took a boat ride to a tower where they drank champagne, enjoyed a snack and watched fireworks. Craig explained his positive attitude about life and left feeling more confident about his relationship with her. As for Ali Fedotowsky, she felt he was sweet and had everything she could ever want in a guy.

Bachelorette: Second one-on-one date

Bachelorette Ali

Frank got his second one-on-one date with Ali Fedotowsky, who felt things had been too up and down with him and wanted the old Frank back. Frank also wanted to get back to where they were in the beginning, as they headed to the spice bazaar. They bought some spices, Frank tried on a goofy hat and Ali modeled a belly dancer outfit, which more than impressed Frank, but made him feel self-conscious about his headwear. They walked into a carpet store and despite Frank's insistence he would not buy one, they left with a carpet.

Ali and Frank went to the cistern and ate on a platform surrounded by water. Frank explained he only wanted to be married once and that he wanted to get to a place where he was that confident with her. She confessed their relationship scared her because she has no control over who falls in love with whom.

Leaving the date, Ali felt something for him she had never felt before, leading him to receive a rose.

Bachelorette: The rose ceremony

Ali Fedotowsky canceled the cocktail party and went straight for the rose ceremony because she felt a connection with all the guys, except one. The unexpected move shocked and scared the men, as they headed to the elimination room. Frank and Ty were already safe as they received their roses on their dates. Ali walked in and gave roses to Roberto, Chris and Kirk, which meant Craig was sent packing, but not before taking Ali aside to tell her what an incredible experience he had been through. She responded that the romance was missing between them.

Next stop for The Bachelorette: Lisbon, Portugal.

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