Michael Jackson: Jackson’s top 5 songs

Michael Jackson’s death shocked the nation and left not only the music world at a loss but his fans as well. On the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, SheKnows wanted to pay tribute to the King of Pop with a top 5 list of the greatest hits of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean

You can’t listen to a song or go to a high school dance for that matter without noticing some kind of Michael Jackson influence.

It’s hard to pick just 5 top Michael Jackson songs.

Honestly, it’s like picking your favorite kid.

5Beat It

Beat It will forever be remembered as the song everyone loves to change the words to courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic.

The third single off of Michael Jackson’s sixth album produced such a powerful dance video — inspired by West Side Story — it was like a mini movie of its own which came to be Jackson’s calling card.

The song will forever have millions asking — Why don’t we all just Beat It?

4Billie Jean

Just who was Michael Jackson singing about in Billie Jean? Some said it was a crazy fan but Michael Jackson alluded to his groupies. No matter the muse, the song had us saying don’t think twice when it came to singing every lyric.

3Black or White

Bold and in your face, just like Michaek Jackson, Black or White promoted racial acceptance in a time where people still had their doubts. Today the song takes on meaning far above what I believe Michael Jackson could have ever imagined.

Black or White is a message for equal rights on many levels and today’s artists are all too proud to cover it. During Adam Lambert’s American Idol performance, the shock rock singer did the song and Michael Jackson proud with his own rights in mind. Okay, let’s not forget our favorite little Home Alone star also made an appearance — Macaulay Culkin.

2Man In The Mirror

Michael Jackson asked all of us to change our ways in Man in the Mirror. Man in the Mirror was inspired by Jackson’s visit to a homeless shelter and the video that supported the song broke boundaries for the artist.

Up until that point it was one of Michael Jackson’s only videos that did not include the singer.


Raise your hand if you watched the Thriller video and became scared of zombies afterwards?

I had nightmares over those yellow eyes for weeks. Thriller not only changed the face of music videos but the face of music in general. People stood in front of their televisions watching that choreographed zombie dance for hours. Pop culture will be referencing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance moves for years to come.

There isn’t a bride out there who doesn’t know the dance!

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