Mel Gibson’s new Malibu mess

Mel Gibson reportedly owes a hefty sum to a construction company in Malibu and they want it now!

Mel Gibson Malibu mess

If they build it they will come, Mel Gibson — for their money.

It seems TMZ is getting its sticky little paws on all kinds of documents lately, and this time they’ve dug up some scandal on Mel Gibson.

A document in the hands of TMZ claims Mel Gibson and almost ex-wife Robyn, owe Ramage Construction $6,631 for construction done on his Malibu home and for drawing up plans on a different house.

That’s only part of the problem. The claim could grow by the time all is said and done. According to TMZ sources, it is alleged that the owner of Ramage Construction has been flapping his lips saying Mel Gibson and his ex-wife owe him roughly $200,000 for multiple projects.

Currently Mel Gibson’s rep has no comment.


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