Tom Cruise: Knight and Day rides into theaters

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz team up for one wild ride around the globe in Knight and Day. After months of Knight and Day previews starring Cruise and Diaz front and center, the action comedy with a touch of romance hits theaters Wednesday, June 23.

Tom Cruise pairs smooth-talking charm and quick wit with some high speed action to protect and woo sweetheart Cameron Diaz in their new flick, Knight and Day.

Knight and Day stars Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise

The duo last went for thrills with their 2001 flick Vanilla Sky, but Knight and Day seems a whole lot lighter than that dark and somewhat confusing psychological thriller.

This time the fun starts when June (Cameron Diaz) catches a plane to pick up auto parts and super spy Miller (Tom Cruise) kicks off a new mission. Neither of our heroes gets what they bargained for.

Miller realizes his bosses have set him up to take a big fall when the entire planeload of passengers tries to kill him. June somehow misses the action while she’s in the bathroom, but is quickly brought up to speed.

It looks like life may go back to the humdrum of wedding prep for bridesmaid June, however, after Miller drugs her and drops her off at home. Needless to say, that’s just an illusion!

June’s not quite sure Miller is all he’s cracked up to be. Or rather, she’s not sure whether or not he’s just plain cracked, but he manages to convince her she’s only safe with him, so she joins him on his quest to find a perpetual energy battery called the Zephyr.

After some back and forth and false starts, June jumps on for the ride of her life. Somehow, by the end of it all, plain Jane — oops, we meant plain June — will learn to fire guns from speeding motorcycles and she may even find love.

This isn’t the first expert meets novice romantic action flick of the summer. Knight and Day, however, managed to step out in front of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl’s Killers with a barrage of early trailers and commercials. By the time Killers hit theaters, it was somehow being compared to Knight and Day, which may partially explain Killers unexciting opening.

With Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz flashing their winning smiles, Knight and Day is hoping for bigger numbers than Killers. Stay with SheKnows for our Knight and Day review the day the film hits theaters, Wednesday, June 23.

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