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Is Lindsay Lohan off the hook?

Lindsay Lohan’s “pee was clean!” TMZ sources reported that Lindsay Lohan, whose SCRAM anklet went off at the MTV Movie Awards and set off a fury of alcohol related rumors, is all clear with the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

Lindsay Lohan is clean

According to a statement made to TMZ by Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, the actress immediately went to the LA Probation Department around 10 am the next day. Lo and behold Lindsay Lohan’s urine tested negative for alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan, through her lawyer, gave a statement to Access Hollywood. “The urine test confirms what Lindsay has said all along: That she didn’t have any alcohol or do anything to cause the device to go off.”

TMZ sources connected with the probation department feel the negative reading is proof enough that Lindsay has been in full compliance of her probation.

So, what does Lindsay Lohan have to say to those who doubted her?

“The truth is refreshing,” Lindsay Lohan simply stated on Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan’s next court hearing is July 6, and with a positive probation report and compliance with her alcohol education classes, the star might just be off the hook.

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