Tiger Woods not Devon James’ baby daddy

Tiger Woods may be many things: An impressive athlete, an admitted philanderer, Nike’s pitchman, but the father of a porn star’s child, Woods is not.

Tiger Woods

For months, adult film “actress” Devon James, 29, has claimed Woods was the baby daddy of her nine-year-old son, Austin T James. In fact, she said her son’s middle initial was a secret tribute to her child’s father, Tiger Woods.

As part of an ongoing child support battle, and the continued deluge Tiger Woods has faced since his cheating scandal first broke at the end of 2009, DNA tests were performed and now TMZ has reported that the tests conclusively prove that Woods is not, we repeat, not the father.

Wow, we totally feel like Maury Povich right now!

The New York Daily News says Devon James claims she met Tiger Woods when she was 19 and “attending a Christian school program…They immediately started a relationship,” according to a source. “She became pregnant, but she decided not to tell Tiger.”

Yeah right! Then why tell him now?

According to the super shady unnamed source who we’re guessing is Devon James herself, “She knows he is the father of her son because he is the only African-American man she dated at that time.”

Apparently not, according to medical science.

Devon James jumped on the “I did him, too!” bandwagon, announcing she’d had a two and a half year relationship with Tiger Woods back in March. That was when all of Tiger Woods’ other skanks began coming out of the woodwork. Now that her paternity claims have been disproven, her motives seem pretty clear and are so despicable, even her mother, Sandra Brinling, has something to say about them.

“Brinling said [Tuesday] that her daughter is a pathological liar and that she knows exactly who [her son’s] real dad is,” the Daily News reported. “[My daughter is] only out to lie, steal and cheat,” said Brinling, who has custody of the child. “All she is looking for is to get money from [Woods].”

Now that this is behind him, Tiger Woods can focus on the 110th US Open which is currently underway in Pebble Beach.

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