Top 10 Extreme celebrity makeovers

Celebrity makeovers come in all kinds, but SheKnows looks at the top 10 extreme celebrity makeovers of all time!


Katie Holmes

You become friends with Posh Spice and look what happens.

When the former Dawson’s Creek star began dating Tom Cruise in 2005, she was a simple Ohio girl who could have just as easily been snapped enjoying an Orange Julius at the mall as walking down the red carpet.

But a few months as TomKat and some lessons from former BFF Victoria Beckham and she emerged chic, stylish and designer clad.

It’s hard not to notice the drastic change in Katie Holmes!

Read on to see who else in Hollywood has made the extreme makeover list!

Katie Holmes before

Katie and Tom


Lady Gaga
As Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, no one cared about the struggling singer-songwriter with mousy brown hair, commonplace clothes and a bit of the Tori Amos in her piano ballads.

But throw on some bejeweled panties, make it a point to top every worst dressed list and change your name, and you too can become an international mega star. Just ask Lady Gaga. Heir apparent to Madonna’s throne, Gaga is all about leaving the house semi-nude, toting a teacup and perhaps fluorescent yellow hair, to keep her audience interested.


Lady Gaga before Fame

Lady Gaga after


Courteney Cox
The work works! During her Must See TV years, Cox fell into the shade of Aniston’s shadow, eclipsed as the hottest friend by the infamous Rachel cut and Aniston’s former A-list husband.


But between her last cup of Central Perk coffee and the premiere of Dirt, Cox got “refreshed” and emerged looking better than ever, if, perhaps, a little caught in a wind machine. No wonder she rules Cougar Town.


Courteney Cox before

Courteney Cox after


Joaquin Phoenix

Paging Senor Crazypants. When the Oscar-nominated star announced his retirement from acting in October 2008, no one expected what would come next.


A homeless man’s ZZ Top beard, nonsensical on-air ramblings, a sad sack attempted rap career and a string of erratic public appearances led many to wonder if Phoenix was either on drugs or in the midst of a major practical joke. Considering his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, says all will be revealed in an upcoming documentary, we’re guessing we’ve got another Sacha Baron Cohen on our hands.


Joaquin Phoenix before

Joaquin Phoenix after


John Mayer

Delightfully chubby and known for making major O-faces while wailing on his guitar, when John Mayer started dating Jessica Simpson in 2006, he hooked up with her trainer, Harley Pasternak, and emerged a serious stud muffin.

Practicing Krav Maga and working with trainer James Sherman while following Pasternak’s Five Factor Diet, Mayer got ripped up like a guido’s phone number and used his newfound sex appeal to break some hearts, including Simpson’s and Jennifer Aniston’s — looks like his body is the wonderland now.


John Mayer before

John Mayer after


Up next…the top 5 including Heidi Montag and Nicole Richie!


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