Eclipse clip: The Cullen house gets tense

Eclipse has released a new clip from the next chapter in the Twilight Saga and it showcases the inside of the Cullen house as the threat becomes very real. Eclipse fever is hitting a frenzied pace with Eclipse landing June 30 in theaters.

The new Eclipse trailer infers that someone has roughed up Bella’s dad, but he has been left alive. Robert Pattinson’s Edward reports he lost the attacker’s scent. But, whose scent is it? Twilight fans know exactly who is pursuing Bella — the scorned Victoria.

The Cullen clan in Eclipse

In Eclipse, Victoria has some new blood, sorry — bad pun — in the form of acclaimed actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

In the following Eclipse clip, the entire Cullen clan has made it clear that the time for frivolous love between Edward and Bella — as Jacob lurks in the background — is gone. It is time for war as a vampire army is on its way to Forks, Washington. No one is safe.

Kristen Stewart shows off her acting chops in the new clip as her lovelorn Bella is keenly aware of the threat heading her way. The Cullens will do their best to protect Bella, but chances are, violence will ensue and all those involved will be completely affected.

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