Katy Perry slams Lady Gaga's Alejandro video

Jun 9, 2010 at 5:17 p.m. ET

Katy Perry’s feuding with Lady Gaga over Lady Gaga's Alejandro video. We wonder why?

Katy Perry slams Lady Gaga

With a penchant for performance art, Lady Gaga is known for embracing shock value. Lady Gaga's video for Alejandro, however, has some crying "blasphemy," including, it seems, Katy Perry.

Lady Gaga's futuristic, militaristic new video for Alejandro features barely dressed men dancing, but that isn't what has people talking. The issue also isn't Lady Gaga's nude bra and panties, the simulated S&M-esque sex scenes she does in that barely there getup or even the bra that calls to mind Madonna's infamous 1980s cones.

The problems stem from the religious imagery with which Lady Gaga toys in her newest video.

In the eight-minute Alejandro video, Lady Gaga sports some wild outfits, as always, but this time several of the vampy looks are complimented by at least one big, red cross. Among the looks are a pair of panties featuring a cross over her crotch and a white and red latex nun's habit.

This bold religious imagery is worn in overtly sexual scenes, including the final moment, when Lady Gaga sheds a cape and offers herself up to those hunky dancing men. At one point, she also feeds rosary beads into her mouth.

"Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke," Katy Perry tweeted yesterday.

Lady Gaga

Most are assuming this is a stab at Lady Gaga's Alejandro video, though Katy Perry doesn't outright say so.

Perry herself has released a preview for her upcoming California Gurls video, which has a Candy Land-goes-naughty look to it and features her wearing an iced cupcake bikini top and shooting cream out of her breasts.

Clearly the I Kissed a Girl singer is not adverse to sexy or risque!

Her tweet reveals, however, that she does draw the line somewhere -- and that somewhere is religion. She was, after all, raised Christian, grew up on gospel music and even released her own gospel-rock album (as Katy Hudson) in 2001.

Lady Gaga hasn't responded directly to the tweet attack, but she must have seen this type of response coming. "So many will try to destroy me," she tweeted the night before the video dropped. "So many, over and over, coming in periods of greatness. But in this period, I cannot be broken."

"Prejudice is a disease," she posted a few hours later. "And when they come for you, or refuse your worth, I will be ready for their stones. I belong to you."

Watch the video and leave a comment to let us know what you think of the new video.

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