Lady Gaga Alejandro video

While we’re not sure Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video is revolutionary or groundbreaking (Madonna’s Vogue ring a bell?), the video is definitely nine minutes of Gaga-worthy drama and self-indulgent spectacle.

Watch the full Alejandro music video here on SheKnows and tell us what you think.

“I’m so excited about the Alejandro video,” Lady Gaga told fans during an Australian radio show appearance.

The wait is over and Ms Gaga has finally debuted her latest music video Alejandro, directed by Steven Klein.

Lady Gaga Alejandro video

Lady Gaga describes the new Alejandro video as a “celebration and an admiration of gay love — it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together.”

Critics feel the video doesn’t break the mold the way Gaga’s other endeavors have, likening it to Madonna’s Vogue video.

Watch the Alejandro music video


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