Tom Cruise rocks the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Jun 7, 2010 at 1:33 p.m. ET

Tom Cruise ruled the 2010 MTV Movie Awards as his alter ego, Les Grossman, while serving as the "executive producer" of MTV's big movie night.

Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but the guy can deliver! The couch-jumping actor had been heavily hyped to reprise the role of Tropic Thunder's raunchy Les Grossman at the June 6 MTV Movie Awards.

Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise

Fans were on the fence about the choice, wondering if he could do it, or if the joke would go stale.

The MTV Movie Awards intro couldn't have been more Grossman-esque. Then, after Ed Helms was performing his track from The Hangover about getting a tiger back to Mike Tyson, Tom Cruise interrupted and took matters into his own hands.

Rapper extraordinaire, Ludacris, dropped a beat and Cruise hit the stage hard with moves Tropic Thunder fans didn't expect. Complete with crotch grabs and hip-hop nose wipes, Tom Cruise popped and locked his way center stage to make way for a history-making dance-off with Jennifer Lopez.

That's right, Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise took it old school, dancing circles around each other. Cruise gave pop-culture a great moment when he grabbed a cane and went toe-to-toe dancing in sync with the pro, Jennifer Lopez.

Cruise didn't miss a step, keeping up with Lopez's moves, and to fans entertainment, even tried to smack J Lo's famous booty.

A proud Katie Holmes was seen several times during the performance rocking out and cheering on her dance-tastic husband. Wonder if she helped with those moves!

Tom Cruise definitely did not disappoint bringing back the foul-mouthed Les Grossman, and some might even say he stole the show. We can only hope for a mash-up music video from Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise.

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