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Drop Dead Diva and April Bowlby are back


Drop Dead Diva returns June 6 on Lifetime with Brooke Elliott’s triumphant take on life after death. April Bowlby stars as Drop Dead Diva’s roommate-confidante who captures an angel’s heart and audiences everywhere.

April Bowlby portrays Stacy Barrett in Drop Dead Diva and promised SheKnows exclusively that the upcoming Drop Dead Diva season will top last year’s heartwarming, comedic and charming summer comedy and only further enhance the show’s building must-see-TV status.

April Bowlby, Paula Abdul and Brooke Elliott in Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva not only returns to primetime with its June 6 premiere, but also the first season DVD is currently in stores. Lifetime has given SheKnows an exclusive clip of April Bowlby and Brooke Elliott doing their thing in what amounts to Drop Dead Diva delirium.

April’s no Diva

SheKnows: The show has resonated with viewers across the board. What aspect of the show appealed to you the most that made you want to be a part of it?

April Bowlby: I really liked the big idea of it. I thought it was really cool to have the whole out of body into a new body, the soul transfers, and then have the comedy with it. It’s kind of like the best of both worlds for me, because I love the heaven thing and I thought that was a really cool thing. For her to be transferred into a completely different body than she was used to is a really complex, awesome idea. That was mainly what I was attracted to — just something different.

SheKnows: Your character has a real heart to her. Is that nice to tackle a character like that?

April Bowlby: It’s really nice, I like being the cheerleader. I like supporting the story and helping it grow in a lovely, kind way for the most part. Sometimes, I stick my foot in my mouth. But everything that my character does is in a general good sense for the better. And she’s got nothing but good thoughts and good wants for people. I really enjoy playing that. I like to be the little hero in the shadow.

SheKnows: What about working with Brooke? After seeing the show you just can’t imagine anyone else in that role.

April Bowlby: She’s perfect. This role was written for her and she does it so beautifully. She takes her work so seriously and every day it’s how can she do better. How can she take it and make it her own and be the best at what she does? And she does it and she works really hard to make it look effortless.

SheKnows: When the show first debuted it made quite a splash. What was the sense on the set?

April Bowlby in Drop Dead Diva

April Bowlby: Even to be interviewed, I’m like, “Wow, we’re a hit!” It’s amazing. I think we’re all just super excited to be a part of something that is being enjoyed, especially because we do shoot in Peachtree, (Georgia), so I feel like you become in your own little bubble. You don’t really hear what’s going on, you don’t really know how people are reacting to the thing. And then when you hear it, you get so excited and just really proud. Everything you’re doing is worth it because someone saw it, someone enjoyed it. We’re all very supportive of that, we all love to hear that — it makes us very happy.

Drop Dead Diva’s entertainment enlightenment

SheKnows: Where did your inspiration come to get into acting, such a difficult field?

April Bowlby: I’ve been very lucky that I kind of don’t really have a preconceived idea of what my life should be. So therefore I feel like doors open to me that I wouldn’t have seen ordinarily if I had an idea of where I should be going. I was modeling because that door opened and I was like, “What a beautiful door.” And then I moved to LA and then acting opened because my modeling agency had a commercial agency. Then I started taking acting classes and I fell in love with it because it’s such a beautiful art where you get to release your feelings. You get to really get in touch with who you are and what you’re feeling. Those emotions are special and only you can make those emotions available. To know yourself is the best job. I feel very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

SheKnows: What do you admire most about Stacy, your character?

April Bowlby: I admire her ability to find the silver lining. I don’t think she gets down, I think she’s constantly looking for a solution in a positive manner. I think also things might come easily to her, like ideas. She’s just consistently positive and I really, really like that.

Brooke Elliott and April Bowlby Drop Dead Diva

SheKnows: The relationship she has with Brooke’s character seems like the heart of the show. Was that something that enhanced your attraction to this project?

April Bowlby: I think that Brooke and I connected pretty quickly because we have similar personalities. We have a sister quality to us so that was easy to develop. It was just easy for some reason for us. I mostly do all my work with Brooke and since she’s the one I’m working with most of the time, it’s just very easy. I’ll have four days off and then I’ll walk in and we’ll do a scene together and it’s like I never left. I don’t know what it is, but I’m lucky!

Drop Dead Diva exclusive clip from season one DVD

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