Review: Get Him to the Greek

There are several aspects of Get Him to the Greek that are pleasantly surprising. Yes, Get Him to the Greek has more out-loud laughs per minute than any movie since The Hangover. But, the film also has an immense amount of genuine heart.

Russell Brand is Aldous Snow, the rock star audiences should remember from his scene-stealing turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Get Him to the Greek stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill

In Get Him to the Greek, Brand’s character gets the full spotlight and the audience is the big winner. Brand is hysterical and simultaneously sensitive as a rock star at a turning point in his life. Jonah Hill’s Aaron presents him with an opportunity to revive his sagging career. Aaron, a record company executive, is charged by P Diddy’s label owner to get Brand’s rock star from London to the Greek Theatre for an anniversary concert in 72 hours.

Hill and Brand are a perfect team as they navigate the speed bumps in front of them on their way to Los Angeles. First, Hill has to convince rocker Brand to even make the trip. What ensues is a hilarious comic tale that continues Hill’s streak of killer comedy performances after Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 40-Year-Old Virgin.

What also makes Get Him to the Greek work is the supporting cast. Most notably, Rose Byrne and Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss as romantic interests are terrific. Byrne and Brand make sweet comic music together, particularly in the improv-heavy entertainment news interview scene. Moss and Hill meanwhile, are a truly believable couple who are seeking different things out of life, yet still want to move toward the future together.

If you enjoyed The Hangover or There’s Something About Mary, Get Him to the Greek is the perfect film. Honestly, Get Him to the Greek is even funnier than those two and simultaneously showcases Brand and Hill’s comic talents and their dramatic ones as well, since the film is more than a rock star party movie.

In one simple phrase: Get yourself to the Greek!

Get Him to the Greek review: Out of five stars



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