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Owen Wilson and George Lopez Marmaduke exclusive


Owen Wilson chose not to look at his characterization of the title character in Marmaduke as one of capturing man’s best friend.

For Wilson, the creation of Marmaduke’s persona was more akin to channeling a teenager trying to blend into a new situation.

George Lopez and Owen Wilson at the Marmaduke premiere

As for George Lopez, who voices Marmaduke’s best friend, the family cat Carlos, finding his inner feline was actually quite easy. “He’s one cool cat,” Lopez said.

SheKnows traveled to San Diego to see Marmaduke (see our review June 3!) and to sit down with Wilson and Lopez to discuss their new family comedy.

In Marmaduke, filmmakers have taken a beloved comic strip character and given him his voice on the big screen.finds the adored Great Dane moving with his family from the comfy confines of Kansas to the completely different world of Orange County, California.

Like any teenager trying to fit in, Marmaduke has the challenge of finding his way with new dog park friends, as well as being there for his family as they too adjust to their new lives.

Wilson, star of dozens of hit films and an Oscar nominee, leapt at the opportunity to voice an iconic character.

Although it’s also considered a dog movie, Marmaduke is nothing like his Marley and Me — there is no sad ending!

But where Marley and Me painted the picture of the role a dog plays in a human’s life, Marmaduke takes that message and drapes it in a fun comedy that is sure to be one of the summer’s biggest family movies.

Owen Wilson & George Lopez dish Marmaduke

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