Sex and the City 2 review

Sex and the City 2 is fun and fabulous with a huge exclamation point! From the moment New York City skyscrapers kiss the sky to the tune of Empire State of Mind, Sex and the City fans are in for another dazzling night on the town with the girls. Yes, that means you’ll cheer during the opening credits and applaud during the closing ones.

Sarah Jessica Parker

As Sex and the City 2 filmmaker Michael Patrick King said it best, he was inspired for this sequel by the audience at the first movie. “I would see the audience showing up, dressed and having cocktails before [the movie] in groups and going out. I saw some people take pictures of themselves in the theater seats. I thought this is an interactive party. This is no longer a movie.”

So, Sex and the City sisters, put on those party shoes and get ready for a sparkling soiree! As quickly as you get comfy in your seat and kick off those Manolos, you’ll get a glimpse at the marriage of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and John James Preston (aka Big), two years after their nuptials.

As the women, Charlotte included, have finally achieved their goals, whether it was settling down with a man or having children or both, interestingly enough, this film takes it a few levels deeper.

What happens after the “I Do’s” are said? Is the grass always greener? What happens with Carrie’s career? She was an expert at being single but how about being a newbie at this whole wifey thing?

This film deals with issues head-on like traditions and defying society’s expectations. Remember in the last film, Carrie and Big ultimately defied society’s notions of a big lavish wedding by tying the knot at City Hall? Sex and the City 2 also tackles how to make marriage work for each individual couple.

There’s eye candy interspersed as well in true cinematic form. Your inner fashionista and shoe-handbag-accessory diva will be delighted as you check out what our ladies wear in Gotham and in the Middle East.

Sex and the City 2

Similar to the first movie and to the credit of Michael Patrick King’s brilliance, the empowering storylines are like onions with several layers: Just like that, powerful acting has the ability to flip-flop your emotions from tears to laughter and back again. Even the story arc of Samantha (Kim Cattrall) dealing with menopause is, well, very Samantha and funny by embracing this topic which typically isn’t mentioned in cinema.

And yes, by now you’ve probably seen the trailer for Sex and the City 2 and heard that John Corbett makes a cameo as Carrie’s ex, Aidan Shaw — good old Aidan! As the characters go through their own journeys in this film, they continue to evolve over time, just like you and me.

Considering we’re accustomed to seeing these Manhattan women in, um, Manhattan, going on an extravagant journey to Abu Dhabi was in a word, innovative.

King wanted to live by rules defined by the SATC writing camp early on — to not repeat. He knew he wanted to make this film completely different from the first one. And, oh boy, did he ever!

As the core of the two-and-a-half-hour movie occurs in Abu Dhabi (truthfully they filmed in Morocco but still…), you can’t help but feel you’re on a lavish vacation with your best friends as well. Since King was aware of the recession and wasn’t about to have Carrie “sell apples underneath the 59th Street Bridge,” he says it was his job to give everybody the vacation maybe they can’t afford now. “They can go with their girlfriends on a night out and go on vacation with their other girlfriends which are these four ladies.”

So, just as it was refreshing to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte lunching again and even getting a glimpse of comforting sights like Carrie’s Upper East Side apartment, so, too is embarking on this fun and fabulous journey better known as Sex and the City 2.

Review: Out of five stars


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