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Sex and the City 2: Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis dish


Sex and the City 2 clearly illustrates that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is the ultimate heroine. But as all Sex and the City fans know, Carrie always gets by with a little help from her friends — Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

We caught up with the ladies of Sex and the City 2 — Cattrall, Nixon, and Davis — about their storylines in Sex and the City 2, filming in Morocco and what it means to be a fun, fearless female.

The gals meet for Cocktails

Sex and the City: The ladies chime in

SheKnows: Can you talk about your storyline in Sex and the City 2 and whether or not you related to it personally?

Cynthia Nixon: I think for Miranda, the real issue that she’s been dealing with is what to do when you have a really terrific job that you’re well paid for, that you’ve worked decades to get there, and all the sudden you’re just miserable in it. And I can totally relate to that — no, I’m kidding. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

Kim Cattrall: Menopause, menopause, menopause. And I didn’t need to do any research [laughs].

Kristin Davis: Wow, she is succinct. With Charlotte she’s always been very, very traditional and she has very, very high expectations of herself in those traditions and oftentimes she doesn’t live up to them. Possibly the things she’s trying to control in life aren’t really things you can control. She’s faced yet again with her own lack of the perfect picture that she’s trying to create and even having trouble about being honest with herself about the stress involved. And sure I relate to that, but not with the children part.

Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon in Sex and the City 2

Fearless women unite

SheKnows: To a lot of women you define what a fun and fearless woman is and show that age doesn’t define what you do with your career choices, motherhood, fashion, and of course, with sex. What’s the most empowering thing you find about being a fun, fearless woman?
Kristin Davis: I’m not quite sure how to answer this. I think the thing that I loved the most about the general theme that we’ve gotten to be a part of for all of this time is that we are together in it. So it’s women who are different in life — our characters are different and yet we’re very, very together. Sometimes the characters disagree. Charlotte judges Carrie and I love this part of the storyline and I think we do this in life and it doesn’t really serve anybody, but this is a human nature thing. Luckily she has enough time and in this conversation she realizes this is really unfair to judge my friend. What Michael [Patrick King, director] has created is these really powerful women who can each be powerful in their own right and yet still be together. My favorite part about the experience is living through it together. I love that about us and I think it’s almost the most powerful thing about the whole experience. And I also like to jump out of planes as a person!

Kim Cattrall: I think that the most powerful thing for me is that we have encouraged a lot of women to change the way they feel about being single, about having cancer, all the storylines about getting married and then being deserted, being alone, being lonely. I think we’ve addressed them and encouraged them to come together and I think that’s a very powerful thing. In this era of post-feminism, I think we helped define what it is to be successful, smart, and also feminine.

Kim CattrallMorocco memories

SheKnows: Could each of you talk about your most memorable moment in Morocco?

Cynthia Nixon: I feel like those first very heavy days in the desert — that was such an introduction, it was like, “Wow, we’re really far, far away in a place we’ve never been before.” What was so great was we were mostly in Marrakech. Our first filming was out in the desert so cast and crew were on a plane and when we arrived, they had musicians waiting to greet us and scarves. Not us, because we were in wardrobe, but everyone else was taught to tie them into turbans to keep them cool in the desert. It was so amazing to land in this small airport in the middle of nowhere. It was amazing.

Kim Cattrall: We were so welcomed and felt so protected and we really did feel like a royal family. I couldn’t believe that people actually watched the show and knew the characters. They didn’t know our names in particular, but knew us by our character’s names and we would actually turn around [when they called us by our character’s name]. We also had weekends off so it was a bit of a vacation; on most locations you don’t get that, you usually work on Saturdays. We had this intense family time, so on the weekends we could go explore. You could go to the mountains or you could go to the beach — it’s such an extraordinary country.

Kristin Davis: So beautiful, so beautiful. I’m just going to say Thanksgiving. Since we were together we got to have two Thanksgivings. In Morocco, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so on the day itself we had our fantastic English caterers. They made an American Thanksgiving for us which they thought just the Americans would want to eat and then everybody wanted to eat it. They ran out of the apple pie and pumpkin pie and everybody loved it! And then because the boys could come, Cynthia and Sarah’s sons came to visit for the weekend. We decided we would have another Thanksgiving at our hotel. We had snake charmers come for the boys, and we made marshmallows — they tried to teach them how to make s’mores! Anyway, these are amazing memories that we have as a group, togetherness memories.

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