Spy Next Door DVD exclusive clip

The Spy Next Door debuts on DVD and Blu-ray May 18 and we have an exclusive clip from the Jackie Chan family film!

The Spy Next Door

Chan tries his hand at the family film genre in The Spy Next Door where he portrays, you guessed it, a spy who lives next door to a single mom and her three cute kids. Seeking to impress the mom (Amber Valletta), Chan’s character agrees to babysit believing the task much easier than his life as an international spy. Guess again!

When Chan’s career collides with his babysitting duties, he goes into martial arts mode while still assuring the kids that “everything will be alright.”

Chan stars alongside Billy Ray Cyrus, portraying a fellow spy, who from the get-go tries to clue Chan in to the difficulties of babysitting, much less serving as the stepdad he hopes to become.

The Spy Next Door is a hybrid of a few film genres, namely family film, comedy and action. With Chan in the lead and given his past prowess at film comedy (Shanghai Knights), The Spy Next Door is sure to please a varied audience. Plus, it is the rare film that both children and parents can truly enjoy together.

The film has even been awarded the seal of approval from the Dove Foundation for its commitment to family movies!

The Spy Next Door DVD

The Blu-ray and DVD for The Spy Next Door contain an in-depth look at action hero Chan and how he became the stunt master. It is widely known that over his career Chan has broken more bones in his body than most stuntmen and women. Witnessing the method to his madness helps audiences understand why someone would even put themselves through such pain for movie mastery!

Also included in the bonus features is a delightful look at the youngest stars of The Spy Next Door. The kids get their close-up on Adventures in Acting with the Kids from The Spy Next Door. The key to any good family movie is not only kids who can act, but child actors who possess the screen presence to make the family dynamic work on film.

SheKnows exclusive The Spy Next Door clip

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