Rachel Uchitel: A woman sounds off!

If Michelle McGee is a relationship bombshell, than Rachel Uchitel is a nuclear war head.

Rachel, you have our utmost disrespect

Wives everywhere, if your man is spending time with Rachel Uchitel, just go ahead and file for divorce now because that skeeza is going after your man.

Tiger Woods’ mistress number one, who was paid $10 million to keep mum on her relationship with Woods, is now being linked to married Bones star and recently outed cheater, David Boreanaz.

And there are text messages to prove it!

Under Uchitel’s Blackberry Messenger name, “Puma” (for those unfamiliar, a puma is the younger version of a cougar — pumas are usually 30-40, cougars are 40 and over), she and Boreanaz had conversations that ranged from graphic and seductive to angry and bickering over his inabilty to spend enough time with her.

His excuse — his wife and kids. Umm, David, that’s why you shouldn’t have been spending time with her in the first place!

In one message string, Uchitel asked Boreanaz to visit her in New York, writing, “I need you here so we can be together.”

He wrote back, “This is not a good time.”

Why? Because his wife Jaime was pregnant with the couple’s second child at the time!

In response, Uchitel angrily wrote, “I can’t do this anymore. Just go. Just (bleeping) go and be with her.”

Boreanaz’s response: “Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child! She is my wife.”

“Oh, please!!” Uchitel wrote. “You’re such a liar. You’re never leaving. You’ve wasted my time and I’m once again alone. I can’t (bleeping) be alone anymore. I’ve been alone my entire life.”

Poor adulterous home wrecker — look, it’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for you!

In other, more sexually graphic messages, Boreanaz references explicit pictures and video that he sent to Uchitel, asking her which was her favorite and writing, “I miss you more than words can express.”

While Bones-head Boreanaz says he’s trying to work things out with his wife, this kind of long term affair seems hard to work past. They say you can forgive but never forget. How could you live with the memory of your husband writing that to a woman while you’re pregnant with his child? Devastating.

Uchitel should be ashamed of herself. We don’t care what kind of daddy issues you have, stop going after married men! It’s not that difficult. Yes, the men are to blame as well, but Uchitel is pathological. We’d be willing to bet, if she had tattoos, that she would have tried to hook up with Jesse James, too. She should come equipped with an air raid siren and a hazmat suit.

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