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Eclipse stars on Oprah

The cast of Eclipse visited The Oprah Winfrey Show and dished not only about their new film, but also the madness that surrounds their personal lives.

When asked if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were an item, Stewart looked to the ground as Pattinson jumped in, “Kristen’s pregnant!” Clearly amused, Stewart blasted back, “He’s pregnant!”

The Eclipse stars visit Oprah

The Eclipse cast visiting on Oprah’s set included Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Pattinson, as well as Dakota Fanning, who spoke about her budding friendship with Stewart after three films together.

“I’ve gotten to know her very well, especially doing The Runaways,” Dakota said. “She became one of my best friends.”

So, does Oprah have Twilight fever beyond her desire to hop on anything pop culture that’s huge?

After witnessing her on the May 13 show and how she handled the Eclipse cast, we would say a most definite yes!

Stewart’s most often asked question has to do with her perceived shyness. The Oprah visit was no different as Winfrey asked the starlet about her awkwardness in public. Stewart’s response, for the first time frankly, put a real meaning behind the hesitation that appears when Stewart promotes her films.

The actress addressed the Twilight fans specifically by saying, “This means a lot to you guys, and it’s the same deal for me. I understand that your words have weight and I mince them when I know that everybody’s waiting for them, you know what I mean?”

Still awkward, no? “I get so nervous.”

Who could blame her when her personification of Bella Swan will serve as the picture in people’s heads for centuries to come, not to mention the rabid fans that live and breathe the Twilight world?

“I feel like I’ve brought more of myself to Bella than any other character. I can also completely relate to the fact that she’s totally awkward, but that she owns it and she’s not going to say anything she doesn’t mean.”

But what is the latest on Lautner and his abs of steel? After his relationship with Taylor Swift went sour, what are the superstar’s Saturday nights like of late?

“I’m bored on Saturdays,” Lautner admitted. Cue the sound of millions of girls who would volunteer to keep him entertained.

Check out the Eclipse cast on Oprah today, May 13 — check your local listings.

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