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Lost gears up for finale

Lost rocked our world when it debuted in 2004 and has since captivated its fans, even as a few million of them deserted the island for other TV pastures.

Lost bad guy or misunderstood John Locke

As the Lost finale comes at us May 23, SheKnows Entertainment looks at where we’ve come from and perhaps, where Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have us going toward the end.

On the May 4 Lost, major developments shocked the Lost fanbase including three dear characters seemingly meeting their makers. We say “seemingly” because you know Lost, the end is never really the end for anyone as they come back in flashbacks, flashforwards and so-called sideways flashes.

With the arrival of the May 11 Lost, fans will be taken to a different time as the crux of the Jacob versus the Man in Black rivalry will be explained. Very few of the regulars will be in this episode, but its informational impact to the Lost mythology will be enormous.

The episode, entitled Across the Sea, will finally answer Locke’s (fake Locke!) true intentions. With a guest starring role delivered by Allison Janney (West Wing) and a delving into the past of Jacob and the Man in Black, the May 11 Lost could be one of the most information-packed episodes of the entire series.

As for the big finale, ABC has announced that the May 23 broadcast will be two-and-a-half hours from 9 pm to 11:30 pm, with a special Jimmy Kimmel Live airing at 12:05 am.

Right before the finale, ABC is airing Lost: The Final Journey from 7 to 9 pm which will look back at six seasons of the thrills, emotional turmoil and blunt shock and awe Lost has produced.

By the time all is said and done, Lost will have produced 114 episodes that have excited, and oftentimes frustrated, its loyal fan base.

Lost star Matthew FoxWhat is lost’s final word?

So much speculation has surrounded finding answers to the infinite questions the show creates. But, this reporter is wondering what the show will ultimately be about when the curtain closes. Bets are the show centers on Jack (Matthew Fox). When the pilot began, the camera was on a close-up of Jack opening his eyes after the crash on the island. Many times over the last six seasons, Lost creators have utilized that camera effect, leading us to believe that the central character in this ensemble drama is Dr Jack Shephard.

With a show that has produced hundreds of theories, many will likely disagree that the center of the Lost world is Jack. As the show is always up for debate, SheKnows invites our readers to share their theories as to what you believe is the secret behind Lost.

Lost May 11 preview

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