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Sex and the City: Which man suits you?

A lot of people like to debate about which lady of Sex and the City embodies them best.

Come on, people, it’s a wasted argument. Everyone wants to be Carrie Bradshaw!

The men of Sex and the City 2

Even if someone’s willing to admit they’re actually a hybrid of Charlotte and Miranda, in their hearts, they still cling to the fantasy that they’re the stealth Sarah Jessica Parker in Carrie mode.

Why not avoid singed nerves amongst friends over who the real ruler of the Manolos is and ask a much more important question: If you could date one man from the Sex and the City pantheon, who would it be?

As Sex and the City 2 readies for its premiere May 27, SheKnows takes a moment to look at the men of Sex and the City to help you determine which man is meant for you.

Which Sex and the City man suits you?

Mr Big: Do the finer things in life seduce you? Are you okay with cigar ashes in bed? Do on-again off-again relationships thrill you? Then mega-mogul John James Preston is your man.

Carrie and Mr Big in Sex and the City 2

Steve Brady: Do you want a man who can pour a mean drink and loves Scooby Doo? Is your idea of a good time a Saturday afternoon watching your man ball it up at the park? Is one testicle a deal breaker if the guy has a great heart and an adorable accent? Steve could win your heart.

Steve and Miranda in Sex and the City 2

Smith Jerrod: Who’s ready for an Absolut Hunk, straight up? Do model looks, six pack abs, a golden retriever’s sense of loyalty and a fifteen-year-age gap turn you on? Jerry Jerrod is right up your alley.

Smith Jerrod from Sex and the City

Harry Goldenblatt: Do you know the words to the Shabbat prayers and play a serious game of dreidel? Are a smooth head and a hairy back your cup of tea? Are you looking for a man who makes you laugh but is a wildcat in the sack? Then don’t object to this lawyer turned lover turned husband.

The men of Sex and the City 2

Aidan Shaw: Is there nothing like a man who works with his hands? Can you love a man’s dog almost as much as you love him? Is homey and laid back right for you? How do you feel about the letters K-F-C? Cuddle up with a bucket and this furniture designer in one of his handmade chairs and enjoy all the love he has to give.

Sex and the City 2 premieres May 27

Let us know which Sex and the City man is right for you!

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