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Kendra Wilkinson tried to sell sex tapes herself


Kendra Wilkinson tried to sell multiple sex tapes herself, despite her current woe-is-me legal battle.

Kendra Wilkinson

The former Girl Next Door is trying to block the sale of a sex tape she made with an ex-boyfriend when she was 18 years old, and claims to be distraught over the release of the intimate recordings.

That emotion would be much more believable if she hadn’t tried to sell the tapes herself in 2008.

In documents obtained by, Wilkinson spelled out an agreement between herself and her team for shopping the tapes (yes, there is more than one) under the company heading Home Run Productions LLC.

Kendra’s intent was to acquire and license video rights to the material, featuring the Playboy model in sexual scenarios that would make Paris Hilton blush.

The plan was allegedly scrapped when Kendra became engaged to hubby Hank Baskett.

So why the big fuss now? One, since Vivid Entertainment obtained the tapes from another source, Kendra won’t get a cut of the cash. Two, it’s a safe bet that Baskett isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of his wife and mother of his child being made into an inadvertent porn star.

Despite the lawsuit, Vivid Entertainment isn’t backing down. They plan to release the tape by the end of the month. “We believe this could be our all time best selling celebrity tape,” said the company founder.

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