Colin Farrell exclusive clip from Ondine

Colin Farrell stars in Ondine as Syracuse, a fisherman who comes home from a day of work with something a little more special than great fish. Caught in his net on this day is a mystifying woman. At first glance, she appears dead, yet when Farrell gazes upon her, she comes alive.

Colin Farrell in Ondine

Farrell, initially, believes he is seeing things until his daughter Annie becomes obsessed with the idea that this woman is an old Irish mystical creature come to life. Perhaps, Ondine is a mermaid of some sort?

As Ondine assimilates into the small Irish fishing village, Ondine’s origins become quite the debate among the community’s citizens.

As is the case in most fantasies, of which Ondine could easily be categorized, there is darkness as much as there is light. There is a mystical figure from Ondine’s past that will challenge Syracuse as he and Ondine fall in love and try to become a family with Annie.

Ondine is an Irish film that continues Farrell’s streak of solid roles in smaller films. In 2009, Farrell was stellar alongside Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. That turn was after his impressive, Golden Globe-winning work in 2008’s In Bruges and his fill-in role for Heath Ledger in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Farrell’s work in Ondine is already garnering raves as he took home the 2010 Irish Film and Television award for Best Actor. Ondine’s award-worthy buzz could also have a lot to do with the fact that the film is directed by Neil Jordan, the acclaimed helmer behind Interview with a Vampire, Michael Collins and The End of the Affair.

Don’t miss Ondine when it opens in theaters June 4. Ondine is currently available on video on demand, Amazon and XBox. For more information, visit

Ondine exclusive clip starring Colin Farrell


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