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Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever

Last summer, readers fell in love with Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever. Just in time for Mother’s Day and warmer weather, the book is out in paperback.

Best Friends Forever

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Weiner? Really, I want to know. Tell me. From Good in Bed to In Her Shoes to Little Earthquakes, she’s just so… fantastic. Like someone I’d want to just hang out with. She’s so engaging and lovely with her fans on Facebook and Twitter. She supports debut authors like Sarah Pekkanen — who we love — and not just by providing a blurb on Sarah’s book, but by rallying her massive fan base online to buy Sarah’s book. Jennifer is just. plain. fantastic.

Best Friends Forever

Her seventh book, Best Friends Forever, is out in paperback — perfect for all the mom friends on your shopping list (check out our other book ideas for Mother’s Day) and perfect to snatch up so you can read it on the beach this summer.

The story is about Addie Downs, a 33-year-old greeting card illustrator in the Chicago suburbs. Addie has spent much of her adult life taking care of others (her sick mom, her brother who needs lifelong care). She lives in her childhood home and is basically overweight and alone. When her childhood best friend, Valerie, shows up at her door one night after their 20 year high school reunion (which Addie didn’t attend), things get …interesting and a little out of hand. Think Thelma and Louise out-of-hand.

Valerie is a beautiful blonde weathergirl on TV and Addie hasn’t spoken to her since high school – when they were once close but had a big falling out. So, when Valerie shows up on Addie’s doorstep upset and bloodstained, Addie is surprised to say the least.

Best Friends Forever is, at times, over-the-top and borderline ridiculous — especially the shenanigans these women contemplate and get into, particularly Valerie. But then, when I think about my best friend and I growing up. If we suddenly exacted revenge on a deserving male from high school and hightailed it out of town — well, Best Friends Forever doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore. And who cares really? It’s just plain fun. Like Jennifer Weiner.

Bottom Line

There are some very touching moments mixed in with the women-on-the-run crazy moments — from Addie’s insecurities, to the man who shows up loving her comfortable home, to the flashbacks of the childhood friendship she shared with Valerie. Despite their differences, these two characters have many similarities. They are both insecure and stronger than they thought. I feel like Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol when I say this, as if Jennifer Weiner is standing on stage in front of me, “It wasn’t your best, but I still like you, it was still good. You could write the phone book and it would be good.”
Best Friends Forever is worth picking up and enjoying the crazy ride — if for no other reason than for the fun of it. $10.12, buy the book.

Best Friends Forever review

Out of five stars…

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