Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz: He said, she said

Tito Ortiz was arrested for abusing Jenna Jameson — but did it happen?

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz

The course of true love never did run smooth, and that between a porn star and a UFC fighter is no different. Except, of course, when the UFC fighter in question is accused of domestic violence and the porn star is the world famous Jenna Jameson.

No one really knows what happened between the couple, because Jameson has changed her story. All that is known for sure is that Jenna’s father called police just before 10 am Monday morning to report a “disturbance” and Ortiz was arrested afterwards when police saw that Jameson was injured.

At 8 pm Monday night, Jameson told video paparazzi that Ortiz never laid a hand on her. A mere two hours later she totally changed her story and called him a “wife beater.” What happened in those two hours?

Then, according to the ‘he’ in this he said, she said, Tito held a press conference and in an attempt to clear his name spilled Jameson’s dirty little secret: her alleged OxyContin addiction.

Ortiz says Jenna has been battling this addiction for more than a year and that he and other family members have been protecting her. He claims that on the morning of April 26 he found a couple of pills in a pair of Jenna’s jeans and when he confronted her about it she freaked out. Since she was already high, his lawyer suggests, Jameson lost her balance and fell, causing her arm injuries.

His lawyer said, “Jenna has been fighting a battle with OxyContin addiction for the past year. For Tito and her family this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately this morning she had a relapse. Tito was trying to help her, she has threatened suicide before. Tito has done everything in his power to protect her privacy and the privacy of their children.

“When you’re dealing with people on OxyContin they don’t always have the best sense of balance, Ortizs lawyer continued.

“Jenna and Tito have two children together. They planned on spending the rest of their lives together. They want nothing more than to work together on this.”

An emotional Ortiz said he hopes “Jenna will be okay,” and added, “My parents have gone through addiction and I’m not going to let my family go through that.”

The unmarried couple has twin sons together born in March 2009. Could Jenna’s alleged addiction have started during her childbirth recovery?

Jameson hit the road to Vegas with a couple of girlfriends after the incident, leaving the twins with her father.

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