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The Back-up Plan is Jennifer Lopez’s first film after having twins with husband Marc Anthony. To paraphrase LL Cool J, don’t call it a comeback. “I was kind of on maternity leave. It’s just my first movie coming out since then. You know, since I was fat,” Lopez said as she laughed.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

In The Back-up Plan, Lopez plays a professional woman who decides in her late thirties that it is time to have a baby. She is tired of waiting for the one while she desires a little one.

Moments after she is artificially inseminated, she meets Alex O’Loughlin’s perfect guy. Sparks fly immediately, but how do you broach the subject of a planned, single mother pregnancy, to the guy who may actually be “the one?” Thus, The Back-up Plan’s modern twist on the age-old romantic comedy.

Lopez dishes to SheKnows about the hilarious rom-com as well as how it resonated with her being a new mom herself with hubby Marc Anthony.

Jennifer’s life imitates her art

SheKnows: How would you describe The Back-up Plan?
Jennifer Lopez: It’s a romantic comedy. It definitely deals with modern issues which I love, that’s what I really love about it. When I read it, it had a really modern voice. It seemed really upbeat and today. I think that is very important for romantic comedies to do deal with issues. That it doesn’t’ feel like a story from 20 years ago, which some romantic comedies can be like.

SheKnows: Some are calling The Back-up Plan a comeback; obviously they have not been paying attention to your career.

Jennifer Lopez: Yeah, as far as the comeback, I don’t think of it that way. I was just home, working making music and doing things like that.

SheKnows: Being a mom made you a better actress, particularly in this role?

Jennifer Lopez: Absolutely, but I knew that was happening as it was happening. My life, and how I felt about life, and the way I felt about my children was so deep and profound. It was the first time I felt anything like that. I knew that as an artist it was going to make a huge difference in everything that I did. When I was on the movie, I really felt that. I felt the growth of myself as a human being, as a person.

SheKnows: In the film, you’re expecting twins, making The Back-up Plan. Did you ever feel as if life was imitating life?

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez: So many things in this movie were art imitating life for me because I had just gone through the pregnancy. It was really fresh in my mind. Kate, when she wrote the script, she had just gone through a pregnancy as well when we first met. We met at this aerobics class (laughs). You know what; aerobics is such an ’80s term. It was Boot camp (laughs)! She comes up to me and I had just signed on to the movie and I was really excited about it. It was right before Christmas. She said, “I’m Kate.” I said, “Hi. I wrote The Back-up Plan.” I was like Oh, my God! She was like, “I just had a baby too.” It was very perfect. It was so fresh in our minds that we really fought with the guys on certain things like, “This has to stay in!” And, “This has to be there. You don’t get it! This is important (laughs). Women are going to love this.” We used a lot of real stuff from real life.

Jennifer Lopez: Don’t call it a comeback

SheKnows: Why return to films with The Back-up Plan?
Jennifer Lopez: It was time for me to do a movie again. I just love romantic comedies. That was the first thing I wanted to do when I was coming back. I was looking for one and this came up and it was perfect. Throughout my career I feel certain things come to me at the right time. When I look at the work I’ve done, it’s always very time-indicative of where I was at that moment in my life. This was the same thing. It was very serendipitous that it happened this way. It was perfect.

SheKnows: When you first discovered you were having twins, what was the initial reaction?

Jennifer Lopez: When I found out I was having twins, I was even in denial that I was pregnant. When I found out I was having twins I just laughed. “Of course this would happen!” I started giggling. Then Marc started giggling and crying. It was joyous. We were happy (laughs).

SheKnows: Marc was crying? In a good way?

Jennifer Lopez: Yeah! He had children before and I think this was special. First twins!

SheKnows: Did you feel comfortable then coming back to work on a film set knowing you were playing a woman having twins?

Jennifer Lopez: (I wanted) to really explore all the craziness that is being pregnant and dating. I love that it has so many comedic moments and I really wanted to play that up.

SheKnows: That scene where you ate Alex’s stew…

Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez: As a pregnant woman, you get so hungry (laughs). You feel so sleepy like you never have before. I just knew that, because again, I had just gone through it. I knew that was going to ring true for so many women.

SheKnows: Jennifer, was there a Back-up Plan if you didn’t meet Marc? Would you have been a single mother like your Back-up Plan character?

Jennifer Lopez: No, it’s just too hard. Honestly I have so much respect for single moms or anyone raising children alone. To even choose to be a single mother is so courageous to me, it is such a hard job to raise a child and to be everything to that child without a partner, it’s just admirable and valiant and every brave word I can think of, I don’t think I could do it on my own. I really don’t.

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