Beautiful People author Wendy Holden chats

Apr 21, 2010 at 7:04 p.m. ET

Best-selling international author Wendy Holden is taking readers around the globe -- from London to Hollywood to Italy, in her new novel about three very different women.

Beautiful PeopleBeautiful People is the story ofDarcy, Belle and Emma. Darcy is a struggling English rose actress who gets "The Call" from an Oscar-tastic director in LA complete with the hunkiest costar in Hollywood, Belle is a size-zero film star who's in big, fat trouble and Emma is a down-to-earth, down-on-her-luck nanny trying to weather London's cutthroat childcare scene and celebrity mom whirlwinds.

Toss in a passionate star chef, a kindhearted paparazzo and a reluctant male supermodel. Sounds beautiful, right?

Wendy Holden chatted with SheKnows about the book and some fun bits about her life.

Getting Beautiful with Wendy

SheKnows: Congrats on your new book, Beautiful People, tell us a bit about it?

Wendy Holden: Thank you! I'm very excited about it. Belle's an A-list Hollywood actress steadily heading towards the Z-zone; she'll do anything – and anyone – to keep on top. English actress Darcy, by contrast, is very earnest about her craft; she comes from a line of theatrical royalty and is doing naked Shakespeare in Nowheresville when the Hollywood call comes. As her star rises, it collides with Belle's, which is setting. And there's trouble, as you can imagine.

SheKnows: The book travels between London, Hollywood and Italy - of the three, which is your fave place and why?

Wendy Holden: Well, I love London; I lived there for twenty years and still have a place there. I'm going there today (April 15) in fact, after I've talked to you. I'm taking the children to the Crown Jewels, Tate Modern and to ride on the water taxis up and down the Thames.

SheKnows: If you had to compare Darcy, Belle and Emma -- their personalities, their relationships, their journeys -- how would you sum them up?

Wendy Holden: Darcy's one of those uptown-girl English Rose actresses, all restraint and good breeding. She's loyal, clever and good-natured but takes herself a little seriously and learns the hard way that life and people don't always go the way you want. But her love of food gets her out of jail in the end; Darcy's just not prepared to starve herself to Hollywood double zero -- thank goodness! And there's a sexy Italian chef on hand to make sure she doesn't as well.

Wendy Holden, author of Beautiful People

Belle, on the other hand would starve herself to triple zero if required. She's a complete fame slut and uses everyone in sight. We go with her as her film career hits the skids; we're at the meeting with the studio boss when he's attacked by her dog, we're there when she adopts the African baby for publicity purposes and fumes off to London to do small-theatre Shakespeare to get herself some authenticity. But Belle, for all her ruthlessness and vanity, has a ballsy humor and a certain courage that it's hard not to warm to. Emma, finally, is just lovely – kind, warm but by no means a pushover. She has some very bad breaks but bounces back to find love, happiness and the career she always wanted.

A Beautiful movie

SheKnows: If you could cast the movie version of the book, what actresses would you hire for each character?

Wendy Holden: Well one can always dream. Emily Blunt would be perfect for Darcy and for Belle it would be fun to have a 'nice' actress going off-message and being nasty – Reese Witherspoon, say. Emma would be Abbie Cornish -- all big eyes and integrity.

SheKnows: What do you think readers love about your books?

Wendy Holden: The humor, I hope, as well as the glamour. I want to buck people up, as we say over here. So much of what is published is so dreary and depressing. I want to entertain!

Up next, Wendy waxes poetic about her favorites, from handbags to authors!

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