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SATC 2: The poster is out & the countdown is on!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon bring the girls back together for Sex and the City 2 on May 27! Get ready for the girl talk, exotic travel and, of course, the fashion. As you can tell from the poster, Carrie is still fabulous as ever!

Sex and the City 2

Its two years later when we catch up with no-longer newlywed Carrie, sexy and single Samantha and hot mamas Charlotte and Miranda. The action kicks off in New York City, where our four favorite Manhattanites are all happy, but in need of a break from the everyday rig amoral.

Sam’s solution is a girls’ getaway to Abu Dhabi and that translates to one glamorous affair. “The last movie was more of a tearjerker, and this is really more of a romp – an adventure!” Cynthia Nixon told In Touch Weekly.

The new adventure comes with high fashion camel rides, Liza Minnelli performances and a surprise run-in with Carrie’s other big love, Aiden (John Corbett).

Uh-oh! Time with Aiden in a romantic locale might spell trouble for Carrie’s marriage, especially considering life with Mr Big has gotten a bit humdrum.

Forget Edward versus Jacob. SheKnows is ready for the Team Aiden versus Team Big controversy to heat back up!

The girls are sure to bond and dish, and this time, we can expect lots of mommy talk. Charlotte and Miranda are thrilled to have some time away from the kids, but there’s chatter about whether Carrie will take that big step and word is, power lawyer Miranda is considering becoming a full time mommy.

No surprise, Samantha still doesn’t want kids. At 52, she’s dealing with aging, but not even menopause can keep her from noticing Rikard, a sexy Brit played by Max Ryan.

Of course, the original SATC guys are back for the sequel, but it sounds as if they will stick to Manhattan. Chris Noth returns as Mr Big, David Eigenberg as Miranda’s hubby Steve, Evan Handler as Charlotte’s hubby Harry and Jason Lewis is Samantha’s young thing-turned star, Smith. Mario Cantone and Willie Garson are also back as the girls’ gay pals Anthony and Stanford.

Miley Cyrus fits into the New York story for a fashion faux paus moment, while Penelope Cruz plays the mysterious Lydia and Project Runway’s Tim Gunn also makes a cameo somewhere along the way.


So much of SATC is the fashion, but the big trip to the Middle East meant designer Patricia Field had to shift away from the girls’ New York City looks — nothing too leggy, busty or revealing.

What? Don’t worry, fans are still going to get their SATC fashion fix, but with a flowy twist. “[Pat] wanted all the characters to be interesting [and] sexy, but we had religious and environmental and cultural standards to respect,” Sarah Jessica Parker explained to Vogue. “You have to look at clothing and women and women’s bodies completely differently. You start to see how you can still see so much with someone covered; and how exciting that is and how beautiful it is and how draping can be incredibly sexy.”

The distant location shoot, which was actually in Morocco, also afforded the actresses a bit of their own getaway.

“We four women, despite I guess what a lot of people hope, have never been better,” Parker told Vogue. “This movie — and maybe it’s because we actually lived together — it was the best! We were together all day long, at night, in the restaurants, in our hotels. It was wonderful.”

With the film set to premiere May 27, tickets are already on sale and reportedly, already a hot item. Wowser, talk about being ahead of the curve! After bringing in $415 million internationally last year, the producers, including Parker herself, have high hopes for the sequel.

As for us fans, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed about the fashion, hoping that whatever those wild women wear, it will work on our figures, too!

read on for more sex and the city 2!

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