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Did Kate Hudson get breast implants?

Kate Hudson hit the B list this week — B cup, that is as rumors swirl that Goldie Hawn’s daughter had breast implant surgery in March.

The formerly flat-as-a-board actress appeared at a Miami poolside noticeably plumper in the chesticle area.

The difference is subtle, but there.

Kate has been rockin’ the carpenter’s dream look for years, so why the change now?

A source told Us Weekly, “Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities.”

Sad that an already established actress felt she had to do this. Her visibility makes what should be a private decision obvious.

Honestly though, has no one told this woman basic rules of economics?

One should always strive to get the best return on investment possible. If you’re going to drop $10,000 on new boobs, go up at least two sizes, girl. Otherwise you can get the same effect by eating a few too many cupcakes and save yourself some cash.

Hudson is following a long-beloved Hollywood habit of going under the knife to achieve perceived perfection. Most recently Heidi Montag made waves when she had ten cosmetic procedures in a single day, making herself over into a walking, talking Barbie doll. Hudson’s procedure isn’t quite as extreme, falling into the same milieu as the subtle nose jobs of Jenifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Fergie, Britney Spears’ lipo and Paris Hilton’s own mini boob job.

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