Alyssa Milano is Romantically Challenged

Alyssa Milano is not personally Romantically Challenged. In fact, Milano is quite Charmed as a newlywed. But, the character she portrays on Romantically Challenged, her new ABC sitcom premiering April 19, is suffering through endless swings and misses at life’s romantic fastballs.

Milano’s Rebecca has never known romance other than that of her husband of 15 years. Suddenly divorced, she must strike out on her own. Striking out is exactly what she is doing!

Milano is trying to make a love connection on Romantically Challenged

Most of the life of Milano has been spent in the public eye. Audiences all know her from Who’s the Boss? What many forget is that Milano was only 10 years old when the smash hit the air.


Milano’s magic

When Who’s the Boss? decided who’s boss and left the air, Milano soon found herself living on Melrose Place before finding herself Charmed as the most charming witch this side of Eastwick.


2010 landed Milano a guest starring spot on the murder mystery smash, Castle. The actress spoke to SheKnows exclusively about that stint. She then hinted at what would become Romantically Challenged in that interview. Although she stars, Milano is quick to point out that her new romantic sitcom is an ensemble in its purest form.

Rose McGowen and Alyssa Milano in Charmed

The baseball fanatic was also prime to talk about how when the calendar reads April, hers and millions of minds turn to the fields of dreams where each new season brings the prospect of a World Series title.

For Milano, Romantically Challenged could be her comedic home run, joining a network that’s discovered comedy gold with rookie comedies The Middle and our personal favorite, Modern Family.

SheKnows: We chatted a few weeks ago now about Castle and you hinted at the joy that is this new show. Now that it’s right up upon you, how are you doing?

Alyssa Milano: I’m nervous! I’m excited, you know. This is that time that makes it all worth it. We’re about to air, so it’s nerve-racking and exciting. I’m looking forward to people actually just seeing the show.

SheKnows: Is it any different with you as the show’s headliner?

Alyssa Milano: It’s actually more of an ensemble than I’ve ever done before. It’s really about a group of four friends that are really bad at dating and are totally dysfunctional outside of this close knit circle that they have with each other.

The cast of Romantically Challenged

SheKnows: What struck me, additionally, was the title. I’m really surprised it had not been used before in a sitcom.

Alyssa Milano: I know, it’s such a good title, isn’t it?

SheKnows: What first appealed to you one, about the show and two, about your character when you saw that script with that amazing title?

Alyssa Milano: Well the title actually came later (laughs). It was called The Untitled Ricky Blitt project for a very long time! Actually, until we got picked up. Then, they got serious about looking for a name. But initially, when I read the script, I was really taken with Ricky Blitt’s comedic sensibility. He’s a very smart writer. His rhythm, you know comedy is all about rhythm, his comedic rhythms are very upbeat and I loved, loved, loved the fact that the women were written as funny as the men. I also liked that the women weren’t put in a position to simply play the straight guy.

Up next, Milano brings the romantic comedy to TV!


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