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Spring family film guide

Families unite for film! Who can argue what a fantastic day attending a movie with the family? Finding a film worthy of the family, not only in content, but also in its attraction to everyone from parents through the youngest audience members, can be as difficult as an adventure anchored by Shrek himself.

Speaking of the fabulous green ogre, Shrek, his Princess, Donkey, and let’s not forget Puss in Boots, are joined by a new cast of characters as the fourth installment of the Shrek franchise takes flight May 30.

Shrek 4 stars in our Spring Family Film Guide

Between the premiere on April 22 of the Earth Day-centered Oceans and the ingenious documentary that is Focus Features’ Babies in early May, family films arrive this spring high in quality, if not in huge quantity.

The summer movie season kicks off a little early in late-spring with DreamWorks Animation’s latest masterpiece on May 21. The royal arrival of Shrek’s 3-D fourth installment means that spring has sprung quite beautifully for family movies.

April 22


Go beneath the surface of the element that more than rules the planet. Since grade school we have been told that 75-percent of the Earth is covered with the wet stuff. What lives in the water that dominates our globe is the latest setting for Disneynature’s cameras.

Disneynature visits the Oceans

After their Earth Day 2009 effort effectively entitled Earth, the new “natural” wing of the Mouse House delivers another lesson on the planet we live and how it all comes back to the old adage: we’re all connected.

Oceans trailer

Next up, wildlife goes wild, Shrek returns and SheKnows loves Babies!

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