Alexa Ray Joel joins Christie Brinkley for Prell

Apr 14, 2010 at 12:11 p.m. ET

Whoever the marketing geniuses are at Prell, they deserve a standing ovation for the advertising coup they pulled off with their new commercial featuring Alexa Ray Joel and her mom -- the original Prell ad icon.

Who's that, you ask?

Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel. The younger Joel is also an aspiring singer-songwriter, as showcased in the Prell spot.

And what is Alexa and her mom selling?

Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel

Prell. You remember Prell. It was the Herbal Essences of the 1980s. And this is their attempt to relaunch as a hip, multigenerational family brand.

As Prell's new spokesperson, Joel steps into the shoes her mother filled 25 years ago, a year before Alexa was born. That Prell legacy sent the blogosphere into a frenzy with the launch of the new ad (see it below).

The spot begins with Joel sidling up to a white piano and cooing, "Wanna hear a great tip I learned from mom?" as she gestures to a glamour shot of Brinkley resting on the baby grand.

Throughout the 30-second ad, Joel lathers and flips her hair just like mom did back in the day and ends up sitting at the piano, a la dad, before crooning out a few bars from her single, Hideaway.

While the rest of her 30 seconds on screen is innocuous enough, her singing is far from the stuff that would make patrons sit at the bar and put bread in her jar.

It's all part of a brilliantly symbiotic campaign that brings Prell more attention than the shampoo's seen since President Reagan was in office. The Prell spot also garners Joel notice for something other than her lame pseudo-suicide attempt by overdosing on homeopathic aspirin.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Alexa & Christie's Prell ad

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