Project Runway season seven: A look back and our own awards

As Project Runway’s seventh season stitches its way to a close, SheKnows takes a look back at each episode and the journey the designers took through the season. We’re also crowning our own Project Runway winners by giving out awards to the Project Runway designers who wowed us ?along with “honors“ to those who made us seriously question their place on the show.

Week 1: Back To Their RootsWeek 1: Back To Their Roots

In the Project Runway season opener, we head back to New York to meet 16 brand- new designers, all competing for the ultimate in fashion design prizes: launching their very own fashion line with a $50,000 tech suite and $100,000 from L’Oreal. Here’s a quick rundown of our season seven designers:

Seth Aaron Henderson, Janeane Marie Ceccanti, Mila Hermanovski, Ben Chmura, Anthony Williams, Ping Wu, Amy Sarabi, Jesse LeNoir, Christiane King, Emilio Sosa, Jay Nicolas Sario, Maya Luz, Anna Lynett, Jesus Estrada, Jonathan Peters, and Pamela Ptak

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Week 2: Show your style

In the season opener, the contestants were given the simple challenge of creating a look that expresses their essential design outlook. Emilio hit it out of the park with his cute, flirty and hip, and ultimately winning, dress. Meanwhile, Christiane struck out with her poor sewing skills and overuse of layers, a combination that sent her packing. The SheKnows Retro Award goes to Jesus for his snakeskin style.

Week 3: Is that burlap?

This week’s challenge was creating a classy look from a burlap sack. Jay rose to the occasion, creating an adorable black party dress that looked nothing like burlap. Pamela blew it, as her design was completely unflattering to her model; seriously, what woman wants a wider “rear-view”? The SheKnows Overexposed Award goes to Ping for ensuring that her model’s hindquarters were revealed on the runway. More about the burlap challenge >>

Week 4: You Can't Be SeriousWeek 4: You can’t be serious?

This week the contestants worked in pairs to create a classy and sophisticated look as well as a “look for less.” Mila was crowned the winner for her jacket, while Ping got the heave-ho for her ridiculous design. The SheKnows Tolerance Award goes to Jesse for putting up with Ping. More about the teams challenge >>

Week 5: Campbell’s AdDRESS Your Heart

The challenge this time: Red gowns for women with heart disease, which they could wear to a gala. Amy’s use of the heart in her gown got her the win, while Jesus was out thanks to his tasteless design. His short, tight, totally inappropriate dress did win in one category, though, garnering the SheKnows Tacky Award. More about the women in red >>

Week 6: Marie Claire cover

Heidi Klum needs a look for her Marie Claire cover, and our designers must create one.. Anthony’s slimming design for a very pregnant Heidi sewed up his win, while Anna’s mismatched look sent her home. The SheKnows Squeal Award goes to Anthony, as we have never seen anyone shriek with excitement quite like he did. More about the Marie Claire challenge >>

week7-project-runway.jpgWeek 7: Child’s play

Our designers created looks for children as well as their “mommy” models. The dad in Seth emerged in full fatherhood force for a win, while Janeane’s super-boring design earned her a ticket home. The SheKnows Rocking the Runway Award goes to all those adorable little girls who made that catwalk their own!

Week 8: Hard-wear

For this challenge, the designers had to create a look using hardware materials. Jay won by transforming a garbage bag into an elegant outfit. Jesse, on the other hand, got wrapped up in sticky mesh, leaving his design a sticky mess, so off he went. The SheKnows Worst Bikini Ever Award goes to Emilio for his barely-there two-piece made of washers and string … yikes! More about the hardware challenge >>

Week 9: Fashion elements

The inspiration this week: earth, wind, fire and water. With his whimsical wind design, Jonathan won it hands-down. Shark’s teeth on Ben’s design crushed his chances. The SheKnows Award for Worst Hairpiece goes to Amy for filling the neckline of her top (shaped like a gravy boat) with cascading faux tresses. More about the fashion elements challenge >>

Week 10: City streets

The Big Apple’s busy thoroughfares were this week’s theme for our designers, who were working in teams again. Emilio and Seth won with their Harlem-inspired denim looks. Amy’s overuse of orange pleats (!) didn’t serve the Upper East Side well, but they did serve to boot her off the show. The SheKnows Best Backstabbers Award goes to Jay and Mila, who did nothing but bash each other on camera ? and they were on the same team! More about the city streets challenge >>

Week 11: FabricsWeek 11: Fabrics

This time around, the designers were not only whipping up a new look, they were creating their very own fabric! Emilio’s graffiti-styled fabric (using his own initials as motif) looked wonderful on his dress, earning him the win, while Anthony’s super-plain design sent him home. The SheKnows Stiffest Design Ever Award goes to Mila, whose poor model could barely even walk! More about the fabric challenge >>

Week 12: Heidi Klum design part II

You guessed it: Another challenge designing for Heidi Klum, this time for a red-carpet look. Maya decided that she was not ready for this and quit, bringing Anthony back to take her place. It paid off as Anthony, along with Emilio, won this week’s challenge. Jonathan’s design, meanwhile, had Heidi yawning and sending him away. The SheKnows Best Comeback Award goes to Anthony for returning with a bang! More on the Heidi Klum red carpet challenge >>

Week 13: Fashion Week finalists

The circus was the inspiration in this final challenge before Fashion Week. Emilio’s show-stopping gown netted him yet another victory; this man has talent. Anthony was sent home after he could not keep last week’s momentum going. The SheKnows “Surprise!” Award goes to Heidi Klum for her fashion pop-quiz for Jay and Mila: a sew-off to see which one would join Emilio and Seth for Fashion Week! Both designers had the opportunity to create lines but only one will show in Bryant Park. More about the final contestant reveal >>

See photos from the finale episode >>

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