Army Wives marches back for season four

Apr 7, 2010 at 5:02 p.m. ET

Army Wives returns for its fourth season armed and ready to show television how a program can capture the inner emotional turmoil of war. Army Wives effortlessly showcases the lives of all those most moved by our almost decade-long war that began when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.

Army Wives roars back for its fourth season April 11 ready to do battle with the Sunday night competition. With Katherine Fugate's vision as creator of the show (she has since left), her Army Wives easily went toe-to-toe with other Sunday night female-centric television mainstays such as Desperate Housewives.

Army Wives returns April 11 starring Catherine Bell

Lately with Desperate Housewives' storylines meandering all over the map,  Army Wives wins over Housewives every Sunday night! SheKnows welcomes Army Wives April 11 return with open arms!

Filmed in South Carolina, Army Wives possesses a realism that not many television programs today can command. Although equally sudsy as serious, Army Wives is still seen as very real portrait of the stories of those who are left behind when our soldiers head off to war. In many ways, Army Wives and their other military kin are the true American heroes.

Starring Kim Delaney, Catherine Bell, Brigid Brannagh, Brian McNamara, Wendy Davis and Drew Fuller, Army Wives could not be coming back at a better time as its off-season buzz has reached a fever pitch -- fans are clamoring for more Wives, and we're not talking Desperate ones either!

These Army Wives -- and one husband -- live on an army base and navigate the trials and tribulations of daily life as any other American, with one enormous exception. Their spouse may or not pay the ultimate price for the job they chose to pursue -- defending America.

Don't miss Army Wives on Lifetime, Sundays at 10 pm beginning April 11.

Army Wives premiere sneak peak

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