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Mar 30, 2010 at 6:36 p.m. ET

Scott Wolf is probably most widely known for his role in Party of Five, but the actor has amassed an impressive career since first arriving in Hollywood and is now creating quite a buzz for his turn in ABC’s V.

Scott and his wife Kelley Wolf

Emerging from George Washington University in 1992, Wolf headed to Hollywood with dreams in his striking blue eyes. By 1994, Wolf was on the Fox smash Party of Five starring Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lacey Chabert, which would run through 2000. As Party's party ended, Wolf would then join the cast of Everwood.

Wolf is no stranger to film either with his stunning roles in the astounding Go and Evening Star, where he starred across Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine in the follow up to the Oscar-winning Tears of Endearment.

The married father is finding that his role as Chad on V giving him the most enjoyable work of his career. V is also why Wolf is sitting across from SheKnows for an exclusive interview. V returns March 30 to pick up where the show thrillingly left off prior to its hiatus -- a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Scott soars to the top

SheKnows: As an actor who is in a show that is a thrill a minute, ending V on a cliffhanger, what's it like knowing that the fans will finally get to see the end result of that cliffhanger?

Scott Wolf: It's really, really exciting. It's been kind of excruciating for all of us because we had to take a break for various reasons (laughs), the Olympics being one of them. I think the window between our first and second chapter was much longer than was originally planned. We're just excited to have this show back in the audience's hands. There's huge reveals in our first episode back and every one to come. Scott Rosenbaum, our show runner, is just charging the story forward. It's kind of been a crazy pace. it's also intense and personal. The first chapter set the stage and put all the building blocks in place. Now the thing hits the ground running. Every episode has intentionally given the audience huge chunks of story and huge reveals. I think it sets it apart from other shows?

Scott Wolf in V

SheKnows: Did you ever see the original V, even as a kid? Second of all, what was it about the character of Chad that you really wanted to become him as your latest acting effort?

Scott Wolf: I see the original in little bits in pieces. I used to get filled in by my older brother because I was at an age where I wasn't really allowed to watch it. It was terrible for me (laughs). I read this new script, and it was a brand new story to me in many ways. I have to say, it was the one thing I was really dying to get involved. It wasn't just Chad. I love every character in it. But, Chad was the one who I connected to the most. I got the most excited about him. Frankly, I think part of it is to be a guy who, on the surface, looks like a pretty decent guy, and very well might be in the end. But, he has this darker side. The fact that I wasn't quite sure whether he was a protagonist or a villain in this story, really got me excited. Now, we're almost done filming our first season, the truth is, I still don't know (laughs). It's really great fun. We see a guy who is sort of playing both sides.

Scott Wolf strikes a poseV is for vivacious talent

SheKnows: What about where Chad's going now in this second chapter of your first season...

Scott Wolf: He's done this dance with Anna and The Visitors. He's achieved a level of professional success that he's dreamed of and believed that he was entitled to, at the end of the first chapter where he's put in a position where they say: You need to give yourself to us completely or we will let you die. When we begin in this next chapter, we see him struggling with what his next move should be. It starts off with him trying to figure out whether The Visitors are even telling the truth. Ultimately, he knows, if he completely gives in, he will loose all his power and control over his own destiny. He's trying to fight for not only his physical survival, but also his moral survival.

SheKnows: If I ever got a chance to chat with you, I promised myself I would ask about one of my favorite movies, and you're in it -- Go!

Scott Wolf: (Laughs) yeah!

SheKnows: Was that a fantastic experience for you as an actor?

Scott Wolf: Completely killer, I loved the story. I loved how Jay Mohr and I had a really great vibe together. It was a blast. I loved Adam's (his character) predicament. He was so out of his depth. (Laughs) It was good fun.

SheKnows: …and he's trying so hard…

Scott Wolf: He's trying so hard (laughs). I think one of the things that I bring characters that I play is that, I don't know, I suppose it's fun to watch people's effort towards something. That part of what I thrive on in the work. Whether or not that person is equipped for what they're doing or not, that is fun. In that instance, Adam was ill equipped to be involved in a drug sting operation (laughs). It made for a good movie. I look on Go, and I'm proud to have been a part of that film. You're always looking for opportunities like that to come along.

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