Kate Gosselin's Dancing with the Stars breakdown

Mar 30, 2010 at 1:04 p.m. ET

Dancing with the Stars contestant Kate Gosselin had a night sheÂ’d like to forget.

Kate Gosselin on DWTS

The reality TV star, not only saw her partner, professional dancer Tony Dovolani, quit and walk away from her to which Gosselin basically said that men always abandon her -- but she may have alienated her core audience in the process.

Before we get to the actual travesty that was Gosselin's "performance" on the March 29 Dancing with the Stars, there is the rehearsal footage (see video below!). Although audiences were not privy to the entire rehearsal exchange between Gosselin and partner Dovolani, what we did see spoke volumes.

Honestly, it seemed like the same old Kate. Jon Gosselin is a lowlife of the highest order, but that being said, until he acted like an idiot, most Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans spent time talking about how much Kate demeaned Jon and belittled Jon while they were married.

Enter a new man in her life, albeit a dancing partner. Right now, Tony serves as her partner. He is there aiding Gosselin whie tries to master the impossible. One could argue that raising eight children is an even more impossible task.

It is much the same way that Gosselin should be tackling dancing. Like parenting to a new mom -- or even the daily challenges of a mom of eight -- ballroom dancing is completely foreign and there is no playbook that tells you how to tackle the complexity of the task. The only way to conquer is to dive into it and learn as you progress.

Where Kate succeeds as a parent, she is failing miserably as a dancer. Evidence of that was on full display during the last episode of Dancing with the Stars as she floundered her way through her routine.

As her partner eloquently said when Gosselin accused her of not being able to teach her, "I am a ballroom champion. I have taught ballroom champions. I teach teachers how to teach ballroom champions and you are telling me I don't know how to teach? ...I quit."

Although Dovolani came back and ultimately worked through the routine, perhaps this is a huge lesson that Kate Gosselin should learn from the Dancing with the Stars experience: allow yourself to see other sides of equations. Without that element in your persona, Miss Gosselin, the ballroom will soon say goodbye to you as well as any audience that may still possess compassion for you as a reality TV personality.

Gosselin clearly had no idea what she was doing on the dance floor as she kept mouthing to Tony to help her out. Our favorite Gosselin dance move of the night was towards the end of the routine. Dovolani grabbed her and pulled her to the ground for the beginning of a series of moves. Gosselin had no idea the backwards dip was coming as the terrified look on her face said it all.

Kate Gosselin Dancing with the Stars March 29

The fight between Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani!

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