Sasha Baron Cohen visits The Simpsons

by SheKnows
Mar 28, 2010 at 2:09 a.m. ET

Last week, Fox's Sunday night lineup, which included live laughs from Sons of Tucson, came in second in the ratings race, but Fox still has faith in its Animation Domination.

The net has renewed The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and Seth McFarlane's American Dad and Family Guy. Meanwhile, a host of guest stars could boost them back to number one on March 28.

The Simpsons visit Israel

First up on Sunday at 8pm, newlywed Sasha Baron Cohen makes a guest voice appearance on The Simpsons in an episode called, The Greatest Story Ever D'Ohed.

When Homer joins Flanders' church retreat to Jerusalem, he isn't moved by the holy land, until an eccentric tour guide played by Cohen peaks his interest.

Then on The Cleveland Show, Jason Sudeikis, Ashley Tisdale, Saturday Night Lives' Kristen Wiig, Ed Asner, David Lynch and Jamie Kennedy lend their voices for laughs. In the episode Brown Knights, Cleveland and Donna are mugged at an ATM and the scuffle lands him on the news. The attention goes straight to his head, while Rallo worries his sister is dying of a terrible disease.

Next, Elijah Wood, James Woods and Charlie Sheen play themselves in a very Hollywood episode of Family Guy. After Brian sells his first pilot to network execs, he's quickly swept up into casting drama and the execs change his entire concept!

Meanwhile, Chris and Meg struggle to pull off a cover up after they seriously injure Stewie.

The last half hour goes live, with Sons of Tucson making another attempt to woo viewers over. This particular half-hour ranked fourth last week. In the new episode, Ron gets chummy with a cop in hopes of getting special treatment, while the boys decide to make a movie.

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