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The Vampire Diaries returns

Based on the series of books by LJ Smith, the CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries is back on the CW after a long hiatus. From the following trailer, The Vampire Diaries will not disappoint!

As we obsess over vampires from the Twilight Saga to Vampire Diaries, there’s no doubt the March 25 episode of Diaries has us sizzling with excitement. Matt and Caroline will be shocked when Matt’s mother reappears basically out of nowhere. Stefan and Elena will become worried when Damon takes on a new attitude.

The Vampire Diaires returns

Damon’s also asked by the local sheriff to participate in a fundraising bachelor auction, one which we can only imagine will raise a lot of money.

Meanwhile Alaric finds out some alarming secrets from his own past, information that he didn’t previously know existed. And not to be forgotten, Nina is driven to learn anything and everything that she can about her own birth mother, along with assistance from Jenna and Stefan. Sometimes though what you don’t know is better than actually knowing so when truth unfolds it may be too much for her to bear.

As much as we’ll be glued to the tube as the story continues to unfold, we hear the CW show will display a visible phone number when Elena makes a phone call. Apparently as per the folks at TV Guide Magazine, fans can physically call this number to hear a message that will give away spoilers about the next few episodes. Although long distance fees apply, fans can also leave a voicemail message.

The Vampire Diaries A Few Good Men trailer

Here’s your Vampire Diaries sneak peak:

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