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Meet the SheKnows Book Club Bloggers

SheKnows has tapped some of the most popular book bloggers on the Web for our new online SheKnows Book Club. Meet them here on SheKnows and chat with them live as part of our regular SheKnows Book Club discussions.

SheKnows is proud to be teaming up with some fabulous women and book bloggers as part of our online SheKnows Book Club. Live on the SheKnows Book Club message boards, these official SheKnows Book Club bloggers discuss each month’s book selection — chiming in, reviewing, tweeting and discussing the books in our SheKnows Book Club.

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Meet our Book Club Bloggers

Lisa Steinke

Chick Lit is Not Dead

Lisa Steinke is the co-creator behind the popular website, Chick Lit Is Not Dead where she blogs on books, pop culture and the road to publication with her best friend and fellow mommy blogger Liz Fenton. Lisa and Liz co-wrote the novel, I’ll Have Who She’s Having (2009) which was re-released as an e-book with a new cover (June 2011) and the novel, The D Word which debuted as an e-book in June of 2011. After working in the television industry for 15 years, Lisa has spent the past three years adjusting to her move to the Midwest (brrrr) and freelance writing for multiple sites including and Barnes & Noble’s UnabashedlyBookish blog, where she writes about women’s fiction and chick lit on Mondays. Follow her on Twitter @LizandLisa
Tiernan Mckay

Tiernan McKay

Tiernan McKay was raised in Southern California but now lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills just outside of Denver.

She is a homeschooling mom of three who believes that books are absolutely essential to education (both formal and informal) and sanity in general.

When she’s not reading, riding a horse, educating her kids or looking at her hubby with googly eyes, she may be helping one of her neighbor’s write their memoirs (seriously).

Tiernan shares her thoughts about life and the books she’s reading on her blog at

Romancing the book

Romancing the Book

Jen is the fearless leader behind Romancing the Book. The site started out in 2007 as a simple review site where Jen and her best friend talked about the books they read. But when they started interviewing authors, the blog took off and they never looked back. These days they are sought out by new authors as well as best sellers to help promote their newest releases through interviews, guest posts, contests and reviews. These days Jen does very little reviewing as she coordinates the blogs guests and manages a review staff of over 20 reviewers from across the globe with varied tastes in books… but all with a love of romance. Visit Romancing the Book at or follow them at @RtBBlog or on Facebook.
Liz Fenton

Chick Lit is Not DeaD

Liz Fenton is the co-creator of the popular website Chick Lit is Not Dead and the co-author of I’ll Have Who She’s Having and The D Word. She is married with two children and lives in Southern California.
Booking Mama

Booking Mama

Booking Mama is a stay-at-home mother of two whose passion (besides her family) is books.

She’s an avid reader who enjoys all types of books, although she mainly reads fiction. In addition to books, she also loves to crochet, knit, scrapbook and cook.


Follower her on Twitter @bookingmama

Luxury Reading

Luxury Reading

The ultimate luxury for blogger Vera is curling up with a good book and a warm blanket.

The next best thing, she says, is reviewing books and sharing them with others. She does book reviews and giveaways and even suggests other books you might like.

Follower her on Twitter @luxuryreading

Devourer of Books

Devourer of Books

Jen Karsbaek is the reader, writer, blogger, podcaster, and book club host behind and one of our SheKnows Book Club bloggers.
When not reading or writing, she is likely playing with her toddler or tweeting @devourerofbooks.

Follow her on Twitter @devourerofbooks
Chick Lit Plus

Chick Lit Plus

Samantha Robey is twenty-four and living in Des Moines, Iowa. She started Chick Lit Plus in October of 2009 as a way to connect with other readers and authors. She posts reviews, author interviews, and articles on topics such as health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. She also offers freelance editing services and coordinates blog tours for authors. Samantha published her debut novel, Destined to Fail, in October of 2011 under her pen name of Samantha March.

Jenn's Bookshelves

Jenn’s Bookshelves

Jenn has been reviewing books for over a decade, the last four years at Jenn’s Bookshelves.
She’s an strong supporter of independent bookstores; her second home is One More Page Books in Arlington, VA where she moderates the monthly store book club. When she’s not blogging or hanging out at the bookstore, she loves spending time with her husband, two sons, two cats & a dog!
Follow her on Twitter @jennsbookshelf.
The Story Siren

The Story Siren

The Story Siren lives in a small town in Indiana where she pretends to be a orthodontic assistant when she would rather be writing.
She spends her free time reading and blogging about young adult literature at The Story Siren. She also likes to play video games and cook.
She lives with her wonderful husband and spoiled Rottweiler.
My friend amy

My Friend Amy

Amy believes in the power of the written word to change lives and that reading has a valuable place in all of our lives. She works to promote a culture of literacy because of her belief that books expand our worlds and make us deeper more empathetic and compassionate people. Amy reviews books, blogging, and the reading life on her blog as well as indulging in chatter about her other love, TV. All who visit are considered friends!
Follower her on Twitter @myfriendamy
Skrishnas Books


Swapna Krishna is a freelance writer, editor, and book reviewer.
She has been blogging about books at S. Krishna’s Books since 2008. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband.

Follower her on Twitter @skrishna



Novelicious is a blog dedicated to women’s fiction in all its wonderful incarnations.
Chick lit, hen lit, YA, bonkbusters, romantic comedy and lad lit that’s mostly read by girls, whatever your women’s fiction tastes, visit Novelicious for up to date news, reviews, exclusive author interviews and competitions.

Twitter @novelicious

Candace of Beth Fish Reads

Candace of Beth Fish Reads

Candace is a full-time freelance book editor whose clients include both major publishing firms and prominent independent presses. She is also a freelance book reviewer and journalist, covering books in a wide range of genres. When she’s not reading, she’s probably listening to an audiobook while cooking, gardening, walking, making lace, or taking photographs.
Follower her on Twitter @BethFishReads
Dawn To Fond of Books

Too Fond of Books

Dawn Rennert is an avid reader who is especially fond of social history, personal memoir, literary fiction, and children’s picture books. She enjoys connecting readers and books via her active book blog, She Is Too Fond of Books (founded in early 2008), and as the Community Relations Coordinator for her local independent bookstore, the Concord Bookshop, in Concord, MA. Dawn is an advocate for independent bookstores, highlighting them both on her primary blog and on Spotlight on NYC Bookstores. She lives near Boston with her husband and four school-age children.

Meet our SheKnows Book Club host

Crystal Patriarche

Crystal Patriarche

Our SheKnows Book Lounge editor is Crystal Patriarche. She hosts our online SheKnows Book Club, writes and assigns content for our Books section and contributes frequently to other media where she does reviews and author interviews. She’s a long-time book publicist and founder of BookSparksPR which represents clients ranging from debut authors to New York Times’ bestselling writers in multiple genres. For the past seven years, she’s written articles on entertainment, books, motherhood, parenting, women’s lifestyle, fashion, family and health for multiple national magazines, newspapers and websites including SheKnows. A mother of three, Crystal merges her experience as mother and journalist into her additional role as SheKnows Director of Parenting Content.

Follower her on Twitter @WriterCrys and @BookSparksPR.

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