Oscar-winning The Blind Side’s home video exclusive

Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 p.m. ET

The Blind Side rolls out on home video March 23 on an already crowded Tune-In Tuesday. What the other films released March 23 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download don't have, is an Oscar-winning performance for the ages from Sandra Bullock and her take on real-life inspiration Leigh Anne Tuohy and her incredible family.

The Blind Side Blu-ray

SheKnows reviewed The Blind Side Blu-ray and found visiting the Tuohy story again was as inspiring as the first time, perhaps even more so because of the immediacy of home.

Bullock is a marvel as Tuohy, but she is also joined the amazing performance category by Tim McGraw with his soft turn as Leigh Anne's husband, Sean, and Quenton Aaron is a find as the homeless teen Michael Oher who finds himself a family in the most unlikely of places.

The Blind Side is set in Memphis and showcases a city that, despite decades since Civil Rights, is still quite separated by race. Through pure human empathy, Oher finds himself enrolled at the school also attended by the Tuohy children, eight-year-old Sean Jr and teenager Collins.

One fateful night (that Tuohy told us didn't quite happen as is famously portrayed in The Blind Side) Oher is walking home in the rain with nowhere to go as the Tuohy's pull up and welcome Michael into their home for the night. One night turned into forever.

The Blind Side, now out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download

Their story is inspiring yes, because it's true, but also because it's a perfect storm of human tenacity in Michael Oher, selfless living on behalf of the Tuohy family, a God-given gift that finds its promise in a football player that is now playing in the NFL. Prior to finding the Tuohy's, Oher had never played the game.

In our exclusive clip from The Blind Side, the actor portraying Michael Oher, Quenton Aaron, reflects with his family on how his journey mirrors that Oher's as a poor teenager, who when confronted with fate, run to it instead of from it. With the inspiration of his mother's recent passing, Aaron dove into the role and emerged a Hollywood star in an Oscar-winning movie.

The Blind Side DVD exclusive clip

The Blind Side extras

The Blind Side Blu-ray is loaded with extras, most notably a one-on-one interview with the real Michael Oher. During the film's theatrical release, Oher was in the midst of what would prove to be the Baltimore Raven's playoff-spot earning season. Many interpreted his silence as lack of support for the film. That is hardly the case. Oher is the picture of pride as he discusses his journey from the Memphis streets to the NFL and Hollywood tribute via The Blind Side.

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