Jesse James Nazi pics

Sources claim Monster Garage star Jesse James participated in a Nazi photo shoot. The photos, which have not been released yet, purport to show James wearing a Nazi hat with his finger held under his nose in an imitation of Hitler’s mustache and his right arm held up in a Nazi salute.

Jesse James

The images allegedly were taken two years ago, before he began the two-year affair that trashy tattoo model and stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee claims the couple carried on.

McGee had her own Nazi photo shoot, also wearing an SS hat and a Nazi armband. Clearly visible in the pics is a tattoo on each leg that says “WP,” which friends claim stands for “White Power.” In child custody documents filed a few months ago, McGee’s ex-husband says she regularly makes the Nazi salute, mocking her own Jewish child, and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach.

Jesse’s wife, Sandra Bullock, has remained out of the public eye since moving out of the couple’s southern California home last week.

Because of the selfish actions of her husband, Sandra is in hiding instead of basking in the glory of her Oscar win. James has been seen walking his dog Cinnabun (who has returned as mysteriously as she disappeared the day Sandra moved out) but has refused to comment beyond his formal statement.

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