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Julie Klausner exclusive interview

I Don't Care About Your Band

Klausner’s inspiration arises

SheKnows: How did you decide to write a memoir over a novel?

Julie Klausner: I think I’m a stronger non-fiction writer, or at least that’s where my experience is, when it comes to prose. For a debut, I think it was less of a leap to write essays in the first person.

SheKnows: What role does humor play in helping you get through dating disasters?

Julie Klausner: Oh God, everything. I’ve met people without senses of humor, and they’re like aliens from Planet Yawn. Anyway, yeah. It’s a huge burden to endure things you could be laughing at.

SheKnows: You have really interesting ideas about pop culture shaping your love life. Could you explain Have you made-up with Kermit the Frog or have you moved on to Fozzie in real life?

Julie Klausner: Thanks! My boyfriend is neither a Kermit nor a Fozzie. My dad is kind of a Fozzie. My boyfriend is…hmm. Okay, I just asked him who he’d be if he were a Muppet, and he insists that he’s Count Chocula. That wasn’t very helpful at all and I’m sorry.

SheKnows: Have any of the men in your memoir reacted to their chapters or not even realize it was them you were talking about?

Julie Klausner: I don’t talk to any of the guys I wrote about, besides the two ex-boyfriends I’ve had in my life. I’ve spoken to one of them since the book came out, and he was happy with how he was portrayed. I haven’t heard from the subjects of my chapters, but I still may. It’s not like I burned any bridges that weren’t already ash.

SheKnows: Is there any date you wish you had been able to include but got cut?

Julie Klausner: I did all the cutting, which is nice about the book world — you’re the executive producer of your project, which is awesome. But there were a few stories that didn’t make it, and at first I missed the jokes I wrote in those chapters, but it was for the best when it came to the big picture, because I think you want to make humor books short and sweet.

SheKnows: New York has a reputation as being a hard place to meet people. What do you think is the secret to finding dates?

Julie Klausner: Oh, just being persistent and not bitter and withered up inside and angry. Apparently, that’s not very attractive. But yeah, putting yourself out there continually and believing there’s a light at the end of the process, and keeping good friends around you to laugh at the stupid shit that happens to you while you do so.

SheKnows: Being a red headed funny lady do you get endless comparisons to Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin? How would you say you differ from them?

Julie Klausner: I am way less successful than both of them! But Bette Midler, without a doubt, is my favorite human. I’m flattered by the comparison, though it’s insane because she’s so wildly talented and fabulous. I grew up idolizing her, and I remain a huge fan of pretty much everything she does.

SheKnows: In your book you mention reading The Rules and other self-help dating books. What do you think the ingredients of having a healthy dating and sex life are?

Julie Klausner: I have no idea! I’m not one for healthy. But don’t (expletive) anyone with face tattoos bareback is probably a good place to start.

SheKnows: Who are your favorite authors?

Julie Klausner: John Waters’ Crackpot is a perfect book. Pauline Kael, Cynthia Heimel, John Kennedy Toole, Davids Rakoff and Sedaris, Temple Grandin, Melissa Bank, Nick Hornby, Diana Joseph, Sarah Thyre, Joan Didion…oh, and obviously Mackenzie Phillips. High on Arrival was the best book I’ve ever read in my life. It really raises the bar on incest celebrity memoirs.

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