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Nurse Jackie returns

Showtime ups its sizzle factor with the return of Nurse Jackie on March 22.

You may recall Edie Falco’s character, ER nurse Jackie Peyton, encountering obstacle upon obstacle to provide the very best care for her patients. In season one, we were introduced to the determined nurse; with the arrival of season two, audiences are sure to be all the more hooked on Nurse Jackie.

Edie Falco is Nurse Jackie, premiering March 22 on Showtime

The March 22 premiere picks up a few months after Nurse Jackie confronted Eddie at the end of the first season. Jackie has completely severed ties with him and has decided to focus more on quality time with her family. This leads us to wonder if he’s out of her life for good or only just until infidelity creeps in again. At All Saints, she skirts pointing the finger about the narcotics shortage.

The quirky nurse Zoey will be more involved in the story arc this season. It sounds like she’ll no longer be the rookie sidekick and will become more confident — and a lot less green — in her role. She’ll still idolize Jackie even after learning about her tryst with Eddie. And despite Jackie popping pills and cheating on her hubby, we’ll notice that Zoey doesn’t battle many demons but will encounter issues with various suitors.

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