NBC's all-new comedy lineup

Mar 18, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Thursday means only one thing: Must-See TV on NBC! First up is Community at 8 pm, where Jeff surprisingly becomes interested in a pottery class while the others are more into sailing.

Sure, sounds simple enough, but that's essentially the show's premise: A band of misfits attend Greendale Community College. Jeff (played by Joel McHale from The Soup), is a schmoozing lawyer whose degree has been revoked. The result? He creates a study group, the members of which end up learning more about themselves than their actual coursework. Chevy Chase stars in the show as well, along with Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie.

Amy Poheler and Andy Samberg in Parks and Rec

On Parks and Recreation, Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live makes an appearance as a head park ranger who needs to improve park safety. The mockumentary centers around local government, so we expect a lot of chuckles when SNL alum Amy Poehler goes head to head with Samberg in this hilarious episode.

Next up, The Officesizzles as tensions reach an all-time high when Sabre creates a "Sales is king" policy. Keep in mind, this is right on the heels of last week's St Patrick's Day hoopla when Michael describes the holiday as the closest thing the Irish have to Christmas.

On 30 Rock, Jack attempts to make a name for himself at the new cable company. This comes right after last week's drama, when Avery told Jack she has inside info that NBC will be bought by a cable company based in Philadelphia. Although he thinks it's completely false, Jack asks Jonathan to research information about the hush-hush buyout.

Tina Fey and Michael Sheen in 30 Rock

As for Jerry Seinfeld's new show, The Marriage Ref, Jason Alexander, Martha Stewart and Cedric the Entertainer guest-star to chime in on the various arguments of married couples.

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