Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler dish The Bounty Hunter

Mar 18, 2010 at 12:29 p.m. ET

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have perfect cinematic chemistry. In The Bounty Hunter, the two old friends finally found their project they knew had to happen given their on and off screen attraction.

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston

Aniston plays Nicole Hurley and the actress joined the film because she felt it was a departure. Butler was on board the moment he finished The Bounty Hunter script.

Bound to The Bounty Hunter

SheKnows: Jen, in many ways, the role of Nicole is a different character for you. What compelled you to become part of The Bounty Hunter?

Jennifer Aniston: I loved this sort of the, romance, the suspense, the sort of action of it all. The kind of midnight run element it had to it. It just seemed like fun. I've never done something with so much action.

SheKnows: There were quite a few stunts you had to perform. Again, something new to you…

Jennifer Aniston: (Laughs) I was dumped into a trunk. I ran for miles and miles in four inch Manolos. I was in pond scum, gun shots at me, car chases and crashes. I couldn't tell you, it's been nuts, so much fun.

SheKnows: Gerard, what was the appeal starring with Jennifer Aniston?

Gerard Butler: Every moment of doing this movie with her has been such a joy. We go in and work so great off each other. We have a blast. There's no games, no competition, we're a team, even when we're not a team in the movie. The sparks have been flying. I can't think anybody who could have done this role even 10 percent of what he brings to the role.

Aniston: working with Butler a labor of love

SheKnows: Well, Jennifer, was working with Gerard utter horror (laughs)?

Jennifer Aniston: Gerry's just funny. That's what so great about him. It's like here comes this gorgeous, Scottish actor who ho you think you should be afraid of, he's really just a softie. Gerry is just a fun, sweet guy who is kind to everybody. He's really collaborative and committed to the work. We had a great time together -- right from the start.

SheKnows: Jennifer, what do you think it is that appeals to your character Nicole about Gerard's Milo? They seem a bit of a mismatch at first glance… 

Jennifer Aniston: I think what they are attracted to like anything, you're attracted to something that you do really well and they sort clicked. She was a reporter. He was a cop. They break things down together. Then, I guess somehow or another, as relationships do if you get lazy, they started to not pay attention. The things that they loved about each other are the things that they are now annoyed with -- her commitment, his commitment to work. Her lack of attention to him. That's what fun about watching this story is it's fun to watch this as he is chasing her, he gets involved with her and they get back into the beauty of the relationship that they had.

Butler on the Bounty

SheKnows: Gerard, you've made quite a few movies lately including The Ugly Truth about the battle of the sexes, what appealed to you about The Bounty Hunter?

Gerard Butler: I took one look at this script and I loved it. It was sharp and it was on, it was hilarious and edgy and it was gritty, I laughed from start to finish. I want to play that guy. I can see a lot of me in him. And course to work with Andy Tennant (Hitch), our director, and of course Jen. We've been talking about projects for a while, but this was the one – this is it!

SheKnows: Was it nice to portray a character so close to desperation?

Gerard Butler: (My character) is struggling a little bit and I'm doing my best to get by. For me to get paid for this first job is a big deal. I need it. Then I'm given a job that involves more money than I've had in a long time. It's a big deal. My best buddy is the bail bondsman. I have to beg him to give me the gig because it's my ex wife and he knows that there's a lot of feelings and he knows that she's my kryptonite. But, I need the money. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best day of my life.

SheKnows: As far as your character is concerned, taking Jennifer Aniston to jail is pure joy…

Gerard Butler: I hate her and I want her to go to jail and I want to be the one who takes her there (laughs).

SheKnows: Working with Jennifer as a first-timer when it comes to the action spectrum of filmmaking, what was that experience like entrenched in action?

Gerard Butler: There's a lot of stuff she's not done before. The first car chase, she was a little bit freaked out. But, then she loved it and couldn't get enough of it.

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