The Wiggles exclusive! 10 questions for The Wiggles

Mar 16, 2010 at 1:16 p.m. ET

Jeff Fatt and The Wiggles have conquered the world and now with a big screen concert film releasing March 20, The Wiggles Big Big Show in the Round, Fatt and his pre-school entertainers are bigger than ever. There is hardly a corner of the planet that could not recognize the titanic toddler Fab Four of the entertainment world known as The Wiggles.

The Wiggles hit the big screen

Wiggling their way onto the big screen, it is clear the time has come for The Wiggles to become larger than life. Considering the quartet is already collectively become one of the most enormous entertainers in the world, where do The Wiggles go from here?

How about the big screen for The Wiggles Big Big Show in the Round and into the highly respected movie genre of the live concert film! The film is a special showcase not only of the group's talents and entertaining prowess, but also served as a homecoming as it was filmed in their hometown of Sydney, Australia.

The Wiggles exclusive interview!

SheKnows: Congratulations on the big screen debut! As the film is about to arrive for worldwide audiences, what are you guys thinking and feeling as release day gets closer? What a way to reach all your fans.

Jeff Fatt: We really hope it is as well received by the worldwide audience as it was by its Australian audience. Whilst it will never replace a live concert experience, we trust it will be the next best thing.

SheKnows: Your hopes for the faithful Wiggles' home audience?

Jeff Fatt: We'd like to see the children getting out of their seats and having a wiggly fun time. Just think more sweat from the performers dripping on to the front row audience.

SheKnows: Did you ever think you would see The Wiggles on the big screen in North America?

Jeff Fatt: The Wiggles on the big screen in North America was something we thought would only be accomplished through the making of a feature length film and requiring a great deal of time. With the newer high definition digital broadcast technology of Cinema Live, the movie making process has been largely expedited.

SheKnows: What was the biggest challenge for you as performers creating a big screen Wiggles film and what did you think would be a challenge that in fact, came much easier than expected?

Jeff Fatt: The biggest challenge as performers for a pre-school audience has always been to keep them engaged. Children at that age are essentially egocentric, so each child must be made to feel as though the performance is for them only. For us, finding the camera and looking directly into the lens was one of the main performance criteria.

SheKnows: Reaching billions of children across the globe and influencing their lives, is that a heavy weight in terms of what you do now that you're astoundingly successful? Or, are you all still doing what you have always done?

Jeff Fatt: We really are still doing what we have always done both on and off stage. In public life, particularly when there are children around, you do the right thing, like crossing the road at pedestrian crossings or wearing a safety belt when in a motor vehicle.

A Happiest Place

SheKnows: The film and your shows are described as "The Happiest" and witnessing all that joy, it is perfectly apt. What things in life make you all happy?

Jeff Fatt: For me it's being in The Wiggles, family, food, music, surfing and chill out time.

SheKnows: As the first children's entertainment group to offer this type of live-concert movie, how did you set out to make this Wiggles experience different, for lack of a better word? Or, did you feel you had to raise the bar even higher?

The Wiggles hit the big screen

Jeff Fatt: Every year we strive to make the next concert better than the last. I believe we have done it again this year and the results have been captured on the big screen.

SheKnows: You all have been at this for almost 20 years, 1) are you still learning new things about each other and The Wiggles themselves as you go on and 2) when you first started, did you dream this big?

Jeff Fatt: We know each other pretty well after almost 20 years, but are still learning new things about performing, particularly with the show taking on more of a "circus" direction. When we first started, all we dreamt was that our first album would be liked by pre-school children in Australia; almost 20 years!

SheKnows: As we know, kids say the craziest things...what's the funniest or sweetest thing you have heard from a young fan?

Jeff Fatt: On our first video, my name was the only one mentioned. A parent told me of their child's way of dealing with the names of the other Wiggles was to call them Red Jeff, Yellow Jeff and Blue Jeff.

SheKnows: Lastly, when you were pre-schoolers, what entertainers or shows were your favorites?

Jeff Fatt: There was nowhere near the amount of pre-school entertainment back in the 1950s as there is now. I'd watch a British show called Sooty (a black and white hand puppet) or the Mickey Mouse Club.

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