What is Pretty Wild?

Mar 15, 2010 at 1:07 p.m. ET

It's Pretty Wild! Considering this is E!, the network behind the Kardashians franchise and The Girls Next Door -- it should be no surprise that Pretty Wild's sisterly story is heating up the tube.

Pretty Wild premiered on March 14 and is already causing a sensation. It features three sisters who dive into the Hollywood social scene. Meet Tessa Taylor, 19, Alexis (Lexi) Neiers, 18 and Gabby Neiers, 16. Their mother, Andrea, is a former lingerie model and manages the modeling careers of her two oldest daughters.

The Pretty Wild girls

Andrea home schools the girls based on principles from the bestselling book, The Secret.

Mom tries to also parent her daughters who seem less than obedient at times. Who are were kidding? All the time! Except for Gabby, who seems to avoid trouble whereby Tessa and Alexis are drawn to it.

Tess and Alexis party it up with the who's-who of young Hollywood; Tess is a young model and hopes her recent appearances in various magazines will propel her career forward, namely into music videos. While Lexi is a little jealous of her older sister, she's gaining more attention than Tessa courtesy of a recent arrest which was part of an alleged burglary sting of celeb homes. Although the show follows the family as they try for stardom, they end up dealing with paparazzi issues themselves.

Although the first episode showed the underage girls partying in clubs and trying to land modeling contracts -- thereby showcasing some superficial parts of Hollywood -- Lexi's legal troubles, we hope,  showcase the consequences of getting sucked into that world.

Similar to other reality television shows, however you can't help but watch. There are parts of Pretty Wild that are pretty entertaining and for a relaxing Sunday night, sometimes there is nothing better than reality television that's merely an escape from reality.

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