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Bulletproof Mascara: Move over James Bond

Bulletproof Mascara is a high-gloss, action packed novel that can only be described as James Bond for Chick Lit. Think Jennifer Garner’s Sydney in the hit TV show Alias. Think fun. Think fabulous. And definitely think about picking up this book for pure pleasure.

Bulletproof Mascara

If James Bond were an Avon lady with stilettos, amazing accessories, and killer makeup, literally, he’d be Nikki Lanier, the heroine in Bulletproof Mascara — a new women’s book series by Bethany Maines in stores this month.

The story

Nikki, 26, unemployed and living with her mother, does the unthinkable after one, final disastrous job interview – she succumbs to selling make-up. But working for Carrie Mae, the at-home make-up sales giant, proves tougher than she’d thought.

Especially when Carrie Mae turns out to be a front for an all-female international espionage ring. Soon, Nikki’s’ dodging bullets and wondering if living with her mother was really all that bad.

The review

You definitely want to get in on this high-gloss, action-packed ride that follows Nikki from unemployment to infiltrating the secret ranks of Carrie Mae’s international espionage organization for women.

Bettany Maines

Soon she is in Thailand investigating the disappearance of a human rights activist, dealing with a wildly dangerous and unstable partner, and trying to juggle her new romance with a might-or-might-not-be-CIA hunk.

Booklist says, it’s “a madcap romantic adventure that is a humorous as it is action-packed.”

SheKnows Chick Lit says it’s just plain fantastic and fun.

And just call Bethany Maines the new 007 of Chick Lit. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

SheKnows review: Out of five stars:




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